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Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd., or simply Gigabyte, is a company based in Taiwan that makes a number of different types of computer components. Many people know the company for the motherboards they create, which are easily some of their most popular products. They have been in business for close to three decades, and they have always managed to stay on the cutting edge of technological innovation.

The History of Gigabyte

The company started in 1986, and they immediately started to build a reputation as a leader in the field of computer electronics. Pei-Cheng Yeh founded the company with the goal of concentrating on creating the very best products possible. The company's quality standards are quite strict, and this helps them to grow to become one of the top motherboard manufacturers in the world today. Some of their main competitors include Micro-Star International and Asus.

Customers have always been a focus of the company, and they live by the idea and motto of "Upgrade Your Life". They want to provide their customers with the very best products possible. They strive to stay at least a step ahead of their customer's needs and wants, so they can always provide the types of products and the types of service their customers want. The company has built a number of popular products and sub-brands under their umbrella. Some of the most popular include AMP-UP Audio Technology, Native 4 Way Graphics, Ultra Durable 5 Technology, Ultra Durable Black Edition Motherboards, 2X Copper PCB, and WINDFORCE 600W Air Cooling System.

The company works in a variety of computer fields today, and they are making some of the best respected products on the market. This helps them to gain a stronger foothold as a Taiwanese tech company to watch.

What Types of Products Does Gigabyte Make Today?

The motherboards, while they are the most popular product from Gigabyte, are certainly not the only items the company is offering today. They have a wide range of items including graphics cards, PC chassis and power supplies, Windows and Android tablets, PCs, a variety of laptops, and peripherals such as keyboards, mice, speakers, headsets, and USB chargers.

The company has also created a number of products for the gaming community. Because they are a top of the line company creating motherboards, graphic cards, and other components, it was only a matter of time before they started to embrace the gaming community. The P Series Gaming Laptop line offers great performance for intensive games and provides users with an excellent experience.

Gigabyte strives to offer the best professional services possible, and in order to meet the demands of their customers, they are doing more than just creating great products. The company has a service network with hundreds of centers around the world, making it easier to meet their customer service needs.

The Popularity Grows

Gigabyte is one of Taiwan's top twenty brands, and since they have been in business, they have received more than ten thousand awards from various organizations and media outlets around the world. They are one of the top 100 Asian tech companies in the world, and they are using their popularity and influence to create only the highest quality products and experiences for their customers. They have a commitment toward innovation and quality assurance. These factors, along with the range of products they offer, help the company to maintain their brand position.

While they are certainly not the only brand offering these types of products and services today, they are still a very popular brand that continues to gain more followers. One of the ways they are keeping up with the competition, other than with quality products, is by embracing all of the various technologies and marketing options on the web. They are active on Facebook, and they even have a YouTube Channel.

The Channel on YouTube features videos about the company and the products they make, as well as in depth looks at those products. This is helpful for their customers, and it helps to spread awareness of their brand. The channel features playlists for all of their different product types - notebooks and tablets, peripherals, graphics cards, and motherboards. This makes it easy for people to find the content they need.


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AMD B450, Mini ITX, DDR4
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HDR, LED, 3840 x 2160, 1 ms
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