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The name George Foreman was synonymous with boxing for decades, and most people today still make the connection between the man and the ring. However, twenty years ago, Foreman entered a very different type of ring - marketing his brand new reduced fat grilling machine. The product, invented by Michael Boehm and Robert Johnson, features a clam shell design and a slight angle that drains fat away from meat as it cooks.

Who Is George Foreman?

George Foreman was a heavyweight boxer who went from the amateurs to the pros in 1969. This was an era when boxers fought far more than they do today. In his first year as a pro, Foreman fought thirteen fights. He won all of them, with eleven by knockout. In 1973, he fought Joe Frazier, the World Heavyweight Champion. Foreman handily beat Frazier. He had an impressive career, fighting the likes of Muhammad Ali, and he even made several comebacks to the ring, including one when he was 38 years old. In 1994, the same year that they started selling the grill, Foreman actually regained the title he lost to Ali many years earlier. He wanted to prove that age did not always matter, and that eating right and trying to stay healthy could make a huge difference in how one felt and how one performed.

The George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine

Foreman attributed his comeback and title win to healthy eating, and it was at that point that a company called Russell Hobbs Inc. saw a good opportunity. They had been looking for a spokesperson for their new fat reducing grill, and they even gave Foreman influence over the end design of the grill. They were a perfect match, and in the time since the grill first came onto the market, they've sold well over 100 million of the units. By aligning their brand with the very popular brand of Foreman at that time, they created what would essentially become a grilling empire.

What Other Products Does George Foreman Offer?

Over the years, the company has come out with a number of other types of products, all based in making eating healthier and making cooking easier. some of the other product types they currently offer include waffle plate inserts for the grills, pan grill inserts, quesadilla makers, and a wide variety of their classic grill styles. They have different sizes and styles to accommodate more users. The variety allows nearly any customer, even those who live alone, to find a grill that works well for them. Additionally, the company offers specially made sponges that make cleaning the grill much easier. They have a grooved shape that makes cleaning the ridges on the grill faster.

The brand has a reputation for innovation, and they are continually looking for new ways to make their products even better than before.

Why Do People Love the Brand?

One of the things that really helped to sell the initial product from the Foreman line is the fact that George Foreman was the spokesperson, naturally. He was a known athlete, and he was full of personality. This made him the perfect pitchman for the job, and that's truly one of the biggest reasons the brand took off as quickly as it did. However, chances are it would have done well on its own eventually anyway. The grill, and the subsequent products the company produced, really were of a good quality, and they did what they claimed - they removed more of the fat than many of the other methods of cooking could do, resulting in healthier food. It also provided users with the closest thing they could get to the taste of grilling while cooking inside of the home.

The products they make are also very easy to use, which is another one of the things that people love. Ultimately though, the taste is really what will win out. The grills drain just enough fat from the meat to make them healthier without compromising the taste.

Today, the brand is enjoying just as much success as ever. The sales are brisk, and the addition of new products is making the company even more money.

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