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A brand of computer peripherals launched all of the way back in 1985 by the KYE Systems Corporation, Genius is now one of the most frequently awarded and recognized brands available. Manufacturing top quality mice, graphic tablets, keyboards and gaming devices, it is a multimillion dollar firm with a presence in many countries and more than three thousand employees.

The first company to design, manufacture and distribute a mouse with an integrated scroll wheel, they can be easily credited with innovating the modern computer hardware and peripheral market as well as helping to advance productivity.

A Brief History of Genius

KYE Systems Corporation was created in 1983, and two years later it was already exporting computers and creating the Genius brand. By 1986 they were operating in the United States, and within three years their "Genius Mouse" was the most popular device of its kind throughout Europe.

Within the next few years Genius (under the auspices of KYE) would attain ISO-9002 quality certification and have enough advanced technology to release the first Chinese OCR (optical character recognition) system. Soon after that they were becoming involved in LAN cards, earning further quality certifications, and making their first multimedia products and CD-ROMs.

In the mid-1990s, Genius was starting to win industry honours and recognition, receiving the Golden National Award of Excellence for their NetScroll mouse. Sales had grown to such an extent that KYE went public in 1997 and sales reached more than $110 million. In 1998, the company solidified its premium reputation when five of their products were given the Symbol of Excellence awards.

Always on the cutting edge, Genius was among the very first to release an entire range of broadband and wireless solution products in 2000. Over the next few years the company would explore more advanced solutions in keyboards, PC cameras, and other technologies. They would continue to win industry recognition from such names as Microsoft too.

By 2005, the firm's sales revenue exceeded $300 million, and was recognized as one of Taiwan's top 20 global brands. In 2007, the firm's products were given the prestigious Red Dot Award and noted as one of the best technology companies by Citibank. Further Red Dot Awards were received and the list of industry honours and recognition continues to grow to this day.

It is their innovation and superior products along with the firm's solid dedication to quality that has allowed them to become one of the best names in the computer peripheral industry. Their product line-up today features an enormous array of categories and series.

The Genius Product Lines

A list of their product categories includes:

  • GX Gaming - Award winning designs are incorporated into their specialized mice, keyboards, speakers, audio products, mouse pads and bags
  • Ring & Pen
  • Tablet or Smartphone accessories - Speakers, audio products, Bluetooth keyboards, sleeves, touch pens, microphones, OTG, mice, projectors and power banks
  • Mice - One of the most sought after lines, they currently offer an enormous range of notebook, desktop, wired, wireless, and gaming mice along with mouse pads
  • Keyboards - Their current range is comprehensive and features standard, multimedia, multifunctional, Bluetooth, gaming and numeric pad keyboards
  • Keyboard and Mice combinations - An emphasis on wired and wireless desktop kits is found in this series
  • Laptop bags - Premium storage and portability through their sleeve, briefcase, backpack, and top loading bags
  • Graphic tablets
  • Audio - Some of the finest quality headset and headphone products are available from Genius, and they have also translated their tech to microphones too
  • Speakers - They offer MPS & NB, iPod & iPhone, and 5.1, 2.1 or 2.0 CH speaker series
  • Image - Getting into the digital camera age early on, they have options from 5.0 to 10+ MegaPixels as well as digital video cameras, projectors and vehicle recorders
  • LifeCam
  • WebCams
  • Sound Cards
  • Power Banks
  • CardReaders
  • Presenters
  • Vehicle Recorders
  • IPCAMs
  • Gaming- Using their superior technology, they offer game pads, joysticks, racing wheels, and handheld games
  • Photo frames
  • Video - Technologies to allow viewing on a PC, NB, Smart device or displays, as well as media players
  • Remote controls
  • NB coolers
  • Tablet PCs

Innovating from their first days until now, Genius has become one of the most highly recognized and awarded names. If you need peripherals or advanced gear, turn to this trusted brand.

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