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Gasmate is a very popular company in New Zealand and Australia that has been making high quality products for many years. They have been a leader in the field of outdoor leisure goods for decades, and have become one of the most favored brands on the Australian and New Zealand markets thanks to the variety, quality, and durability the products offer. The products are available through many of the largest leading retailers.

The company has been a major part of Australian's life for more than thirty years, and they've been a staple in New Zealand for nearly twenty years. The staying power of Gasmate stems from their products as well as their marketing and brand position.

What Types of Items Does Gasmate Offer?

Gasmate is the most popular name in grills and outdoor living in Australia and New Zealand for a reason. They have a large variety of different products for sale in a host of categories. They have a number of different ovens, smokers, and grills, as well as outdoor heating and lighting options. The company also has a variety of accessories for gas outdoor heating, wood outdoor heating units, and barbecue accessories, such as covers and trolley wheels. All of these are popular for those who love hosting backyard gatherings.

While setting up backyards for grills is where Gasmate excels, they also offer many different types of camping equipment for those who like to head to the beaches or the forests to camp. They offer specialized campsite lighting, campsite cooking gear, backpacking equipment, lanterns, skillets, toasters, heaters, and much more. They even offer refrigerators.

Since they have so many options, and because outdoor living is so important to Australians and Kiwis, they are naturally a very popular company. They offer products to suit nearly every possible outdoor living need.

Why Is Gasmate So Popular?

The company recently conducted a public survey and found that they were far and away the most popular company in the field when it came to outdoor living. People really do love and trust the products they offer. They retain their popularity for a number of different reasons.

First, they offer a variety of different types of items, as evidenced above. The wide selection of options in the outdoor living and camping fields allow customers to peruse a host of different products that may meet their needs.

Second, they've been establishing their brand for decades, and because of their marketing push and current power in the field, they remain in the minds of those who are buying. They are one and the same with outdoor living for many in New Zealand and Australia, so they naturally gravitate toward the brand.

Third, the company has always wanted to put an emphasis on quality customer service. They are responsive to their customers, and they have a quality website that provides their customers with information about all of their different products and categories, which can make shopping easier for the buyers.

Fourth, the durability and reliability of the products earns the brand high marks with consumers. They are buying goods that they want to last for a long time. Gasmate has proven time and again that they are able to manufacture and sell quality products.

The Brand Continues to Grow

As powerful and well known as Gasmate is right now, they are still working hard to get even more people on board with their products. Through marketing and continually offering quality service, they are continuing to grow. The company has a robust website with plenty of product information, and they are active on social networks such as Facebook as a means to connect more with their customers.

The company sells there products through a number of different venues currently. They offer their goods and equipment through retail stores such as Mitre 10, Bunnings, FCO, Equip Outdoor, Complete Outdoors, Forlings, Sportsworld Group, Harvey Norman, Smiths City, and Kathmandu. They sell online through Torpedo 7. They have a number of retailers available in Australia, as well. Interestingly, they do not actually sell their products through their own site. However, they do have a list of all of their products, as well as information about each of those products.


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