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GPS Watches Buying Guide

GPS watches have come a long way in a short time, with specialised devices designed for walkers, runners, swimmers, cyclists and so much more. GPS watches share some features with smartwatches as well as handheld GPS navigators.

Choose Carefully

Because GPS watches are increasingly designed to track people doing specific types of activity, ensure the watch you have your eye on will actually measure the sort of activity you want it to. Don't be blinded by a low price, or the desire to wear a famous brand name on your wrist...dig deeper and check your watch matches your activity. 

Pay For Versatility

If you're the versatile type, buy a GPS watch that tracks several activities, but these are at the higher-end of the price range.         

All Eyes On The Display

Any GPS watch that can inform you at a glance has to be a winner. Some displays are easier to read than others, so make this feature a priority while you're shopping around.   

Battery Life

Obviously, you'll want your watch to go the distance with you. Therefore, battery life is another key factor to check out, and as this varies from watch to watch, it's important you DO check it out!  


Wireless syncing is not standard with every GPS watch, so make sure you understand how the connectivity works before you buy.

The More You Pay, The More You Can Expect

Don't be afraid to pay a little more because you'll be rewarded with better performance, more accuracy, and helpful features. For example, being able to check calls and texts, play your favourite music, or track distance covered with nearly 100% accuracy, are worth paying for. 

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