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Fujifilm, or Fujifilm Holdings Corporation, is a Japanese multinational company that specializes in the field of imaging and photography. Their headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan. They cover a variety of areas in the field, from the development and production of products to the sale and servicing of film. They offer digital cameras, photo finishing equipment, and chemicals, graphic art materials, medical imaging equipment, paper, displays, printers, photocopiers, and much more. The company has an easily recognizable logo and they are one of the most popular brands in this field today.

The History of Fujifilm

The company started as Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. in 1934. The original goal of the company was to be the first producer of films in Japan. For the first decade or so of the business, they produced motion picture films, photographic films, and x-ray films. When the 1940s arrived, they expanded their business and started to enter the realm of lenses and optical glasses.

After the end of WWII, they started to diversify their offerings even more. They went further into the medical field with x-rays, and they entered the market of printing and electronic images. They worked with Xerox in 1962 and created Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. in a joint venture. The company started to expand further to start bases for sales in countries around the world in an effort to bring their business to a global level.

The brand was extraordinarily popular in Japan, and it was the go to option for most people. They had some trouble breaking into the market in the United States though, as they were competing with Eastman Kodak, a company that had a substantial amount of sales power in the country. One of the things that really helped them to get a foothold in the United States was the 1984 Olympics. They were one of the sponsors of the Games, and this brought them quite a bit of attention.

They offered quality film at a lower price and they started a film factory in the country. This helped to give them a larger market share in the United States. However, Eastman Kodak did not have much luck getting into the Japanese market.

The 2000s saw a big change to companies that worked with film and cameras due to the rise of the digital age. People no longer needed to have traditional film, at least not in the same quantities that they did before. Film soon became a novelty since more and more people had digital cameras.

Instead of letting this put their business into a slump, Fujifilm was able to adapt. They saw that digital was going to overtake film eventually. Even back in the '00s, they noticed this. They had developed a plan that would help them survive this time. This plan had three different parts. First, they would get as much out of film and customers who wanted film as they could by providing them with a good product and a good service. Second, they would prepare for the switch to digital as early as possible. Finally, they would develop new business lines that would be in line with the changes that were inevitable. Fuji was able to diversify, and because of that, they've been able to stand up better to these changes. In fact, in 2012, their competitor Eastman Kodak filed for bankruptcy.

Types of Products from Fujifilm

Over the years, the company has been creating a number of different types of products. Some of the first and most famous of their products were the variety of photographic film that they offered. They had a variety of different lines and types of film to suit different needs and occasions. The company also created a variety of cameras and lenses, including professional film cameras and digital cameras, and a range of lenses.

Some of the other items that feature the Fujifilm brand include photo paper, printer paper, optical media, flash memory, and digital x-ray devices.

Even though people do not use film today, it is smart of Fujifilm not to rename their company. They have a known and strong brand, and most people know that they create and sell far more than just film. They are still doing well and they've outlasted many of their competitors.

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