Freestanding Ovens Buying Guide

Freestanding ovens might look the same but there are subtle differences between models as this buying guide will explain.

Keep an eye on what you're cooking

Try to buy a model with a large oven-window so you have the clearest view of what is happening inside. A good light will help you see what is going on; while every oven has one, some shed more light on the subject than others - and some bulbs are easier to replace too. 
Usable inside space: Many modern freestanding ovens are rather compact, certainly in comparison to their built-in counterparts. Most of the time they're fine, but if you do a lot of cooking for a lot of people, check the size by taking along your largest baking or roasting dish (or the measurements) to see if it will fit. Wider ovens are less common but they are out there; just make sure you have the space in your kitchen to accommodate one.

Shelves, and plenty of them

A good range of shelf positions and three or more shelves is an important consideration if you're cooking several dishes at once. The shelves should also have stops to prevent them being pulled out accidentally.  

One more shelf-related safety factor

When shopping for your freestanding oven, check the shelves won't tilt down when they're pulled out with the weight of a heavy dish on them.

Get more from your door

Not every oven door is created equally! The type to look for is a counter-balanced oven door that is light, easy to open, and stays open in any position.

Safe grilling is great grilling

Ideally, look for at least two grill tray heights as not all food wants to be too close to the element. A safe grill tray should come out far enough for you to easily deal with food at the back of it, and it should also have a "stop" mechanism to prevent it from accidentally being pulled right out. Finally, make sure the grill element is shielded or is set high into the oven ceiling, so that your fingers can't accidentally touch it.

Hidden extras

Under oven storage will keep large trays and racks hidden away and out of sight, so this is a useful feature to look for. Another feature you'll love is a self-cleaning feature! This might add a few dollars to the cost of your freestanding oven but in the long term, you'll save so much time.

Can your power supply handle it?

Before making a final decision, contact an electrician as they can tell you if you have the right phase for the amount of power it will draw. Added features in modern ovens like pyrolytic self-cleaning, fast heat up and induction cooktops will increase the power consumption; this may be more than your home circuitry can handle so check with a licensed electrician.

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