Fisher & Paykel MW513

Fisher & Paykel MW513
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Product Description

The Fishers & Paykel QuickSmart is an excellent washer and features the latest technology. Featuring SmartDrive technology, the Fisher & Paykel MW513 cleans and takes care of your clothes the way you like them. It features an easy to use interface that will wash your clothes and dry them quickly. The internal tub is made from long lasting stainless steel.

Best of all, this machine has a capacity of 5.5 kilograms. The QuickSmart machine features an outstanding motor and the latest technologies. It provides many features that will allow you to wash delicates, knits, and other types of clothes. The Fisher & Paykel MW513 Quicksmart is one of the best machines that you will find and is affordable.

This machine offers different spin speeds. With the Fisher & Paykel machine, you can choose from different speeds. They are 670, 330, and 1000 revolutions per minute. This helps reduce wash time and product fragile garments. The Fisher & Paykel MW513 Quicksmart was built to offer the best washing experience that you can imagine.

With this washing machine, one can wash a lot of laundry. Washing your clothes is never difficult with the Fisher & Paykel washing machine. The capacity of the machine is 5.5kg and it has a 1.5 Star Energy rating. This machine will help lower your electric bill. There is a lot to like about this machine. That is what makes it popular with buyers.

With the latest technology such as a Smart Drive System and Direct Drive Motor, this machine can tell when the optimal water level has been reached. The temperature and intensity of the wash allow you to wash your clothes well.

Looking for a washing machine that is energy efficient? Then the Fisher & Paykel MW513 Quicksmart is the machine you need. It has a warranty and tends to last a long time. The best part is that it won't take up a lot of room in your home. So if you have a small home, or just want to save room, the Fisher & Paykel MW513 Quicksmart is the perfect choice. It is 102 centimeters tall and 56 centimeters wide.

Product Reviews


  • Good value for money
  • Quick wash cycle
  • Washer
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet

Product Specifications

  • Type
    Washing machine 
  • Load type
    Top load 
  • Spin speed
    1000 rpm
  • Width
    56 cm 
  • Capacity
    5.5 kg
    Bottom 10%
  • Colour/material
  • Wash temperatures
  • Design type
  • Exterior color
Energy ratings
  • Energy rating
    1.5 stars
Water rating
  • Water rating
    3.0 stars
Water data
  • Max hot water inlet temp
    75 °C
  • Min. water pressure
    34 kPa
  • Annual energy consumption
    499 kWh
    Bottom 30%
  • Cycle time
    41 mins
  • Noise
    62 dBA
    Bottom 30%
  • Test cycle
    Regular, cold, high water level, fast spin-speed 
  • Water consumption / wash
    77 L
Physical Specs
  • Height
    105.00 cm
  • Width
    56.00 cm
  • Depth
    56.00 cm
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