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Seiko Epson Corporation, generally called Epson, is one of the largest and most successful Japanese electronics companies in business today. They specialize in the manufacture of printers, along with imaging and information equipment. The current headquarters for the company is in Nagano, Japan. However, they have a number of offices and subsidiaries all around the world. The company has strong brand recognition in many areas of the world, and they have a good overall reputation.

The Origins of Epson

The company began in 1942 when Hisao Yamazaki formed a company called Daiwa Kogyo, Ltd. He started the company with an investment by a former employer, the Hattori family. The Hattori family would later found the Seiko Group. His company started out manufacturing watch parts, and in the beginning they had just 22 employees working for them.

A year later, Daiwa Kogyo and Daini Seikosha created a factory where they were manufacturing Seiko watches. They eventually split the factory and merged into the company that would eventually become Seiki Epson. During this time, they were developing a number of high quality watches and in fact, innovating in the world of timepieces. In 1963, the company created the first portable quartz timer. In 1969, they made the first quartz watch.

Watches were the mainstay of the company for many years, and it is still one of the most well-known elements of the overall Seiko Epson business today. However, it only accounts for a small portion of their revenue in the modern era. The printers and printing technology are more important. Seiko Watch Corporation takes care of the timepieces today, while Epson handles the printing needs.

The company did not get into developing printers until much later, and they almost fell into the business rather than choosing it. In 1961, Suwa Seikosha created a company called Shinshu Seiki Co., which was a subsidiary that made precision parts for Seiko watches. The Seiko Group was to be the official timekeeper at the 1964 Summer Olympics, which were being held in Tokyo. They needed to have a printing timer in order to time and track the events. This was when they started to develop their first electronic printer.

By 1968, they had started to move more toward printers, and they released their first mini printer, called the EP-101. The EP stood for electronic printer. By 1975, they started to use the name Epson for their printers. At this time, they released them to the public. They launched Epson America Inc. the same year as a means to sell printers in the United States on the part of their Japanese parent company.

This was still the very early days of printers, but they started to make impressive products for the business and consumer market that proved to be popular. 1978 saw the introduction of the TX-80, a dot matrix printer with 80 columns. Two years later, they produced the MX-80, an improved model, and this quickly became the top selling printer in the United States. In addition to making printers, they were making other electronic devices as well, which were very impressive for the day. They created the first handheld computer in 1982 and the first LCD TV in 1983.

Suwa Seikiosha Co., Ltd and the Epson Corporation merged in 1985 and became the Seiko Epson Corporation. They continued, and they continue to make new and better printers and other electronic devices. One of the biggest innovations from the company was their micro piezo technology for inkjet printers.

The company became public in 2003, and they continued to make improvements to each generation of printers. This helped them to grow their brand and to solidify their place as one of the top electronic manufacturers and printer makers in the world.

What Does Epson Make Today?

They make specialty printers, all-in-one printers, copiers, scanners, and more. This is the staple of their business, but they do create a number of other products, as well. They make items such as cash registers, computers, LCD components, home theater televisions, and much more.

Though the company has a simple logo, it is memorable, and most people who know anything about computers and printers recognize the brand. They also know that the brand stands for quality and reliable machinery.


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