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AB Electrolux, formerly Electrolux, is a Swedish multinational that specializes in a number of different types of appliances for the home and workplace. They have their main headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. The company has a great reputation, and they are one of the most recognized brands in the world. When it comes to appliances, they are the second biggest maker in the world in terms of units sold. The only company that outsells them is Whirlpool. The company sells products under their own name, as well as under a number of their brands.

The History of Electrolux

The company has been around for more than a hundred years, having started when Lux AB incorporated in 1901. Sven Carlson, the founder, was a seller of kerosene lamps used in railway stations. They had factories in Stockholm and in Riga, Russia by 1912. While they were doing well, they had an influx of competition that was making similar products that used electricity rather than kerosene. They realized they needed to have a new product if they wanted to stay in business, so they started to make electric vacuum cleaners. The vacuums the company made would eventually become the thing that put the company on the map.

In 1918, they changed their name to Elecktrolux when they merged with a company called Svenska Elektron AB. They did not actually change their name to the current spelling of Electrolux until 1957. The company sold their vacuum cleaners to a number of European countries. By 1925, they had started to add even more products to their business, including absorption refrigerators. They added washing machines in 1951 and dishwashers in 1959.

The 1960s also saw an interesting marketing campaign for the company. Their slogan in the UK was Nothing Sucks like an Electrolux. People in the United States who saw it thought the ad was a mistake, but the company actually chose that slogan on purpose as a means to get more attention, thanks to the double meaning. It was a very early form of viral marketing, and the slogan was well received and quite popular in the UK.

Some of the most popular and important products to come from Electrolux over the years include their very first product, the Lux vacuum. Their first refrigerator was a crowning achievement for them, as well. The only consumer product they made during wartime in the 1940s was the Assistant. This was a mixer and was popular for the kitchen. They even introduced a robot vacuum cleaner in 2001.

One of the ways that the company grew and expanded, in addition to making quality products, was through the acquisition of other companies. They bought a number of companies over the years, and the 1960s saw a real push from Electrolux to buy even more. They bought up companies such as Danish Atlas, Norwegian Elektra, and others during the ?0s. They kept on buying and adding to their company, and they still do this today.

Some of the companies that many will recognize and that are a part of the Electrolux parent company today include the following: Castor, Chef, Eureka, Kelvinator, King, Olympic Group, Simpson, Tornado, and Westinghouse. These are just some of the companies that are part of Electrolux today. Each of these companies has a strong brand identity on their own, and they tend to be one of the dominant companies in their particular market.

Many Types of Products from Electrolux and Subsidiaries

Since the company owns so many subsidiaries, they really have many different aspects of the consumer market covered. From electronics to vacuums and household appliances, they sell in most markets. Many homes will have at least one or two Electrolux products in the home, even though they might not contain the Electrolux logo. Because of all of the subsidiaries, it is easy to see how they are one of the largest appliance manufacturers and sellers in the world today.

Because the company has so many subsidiaries in so many different areas, they have not had to suffer many large financial losses. They have enough other companies that can help make up for losses in certain areas that may be struggling. This helps to boost the perceived strength of the brand.

Resource: http://group.electrolux.com/en/


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