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The Elba brand, which is a part of Fiamma Holdings Berhad, is an appliance manufacturer and seller that creates a range of different types of products for consumers. The company has a solid reputation in the field of appliances, and their motto is "Looks Good. Works Even Better". This motto is something they take seriously and always have. The company believes that there needs to be a perfect blend between form and function, and that is why they spend the time and effort to create a range of products that meet and exceed these specs.

The Parent Company

Elba's parent company has been around since 1979 when they were just a small shop house in Johore Bahru. In the beginning, the company had a small staff of just five people, and they were distributing their own brand of electronic appliances in Malaysia. They marketed these brands under the names Faber and Elba, both of which are very popular and well-known today. At the time though, these were small companies that had little recognition.

The dedication the companies had to their field and to excelling in the field helped to put them on the map though. The number of employees might have been small in the early days, but that did not mean that the desire to grow and to do big things was not there. In fact, their ideas and conviction to follow through was what helped push the company forward to where it is today. They still have these same convictions. Over time, they started to create more branches throughout Malaysia, and then they began to expand from there. Their success allowed them to move their head offices to Kuala Lumpur, where they still are today.

Elba is one of the most popular brands associated with Fiamma, but they are not the only brand. As mentioned, the company also has Faber. Other associated brands today include Spirit, Ebac, Mec, Tuscani, and Braun. Together, they make up a large family of brands that have wowed the world with their take on cabinets, bathroom fittings, healthcare products, electrical appliances, and Elba's specialty, kitchen appliances.

What Products Does the Company Offer?

While many of the products the company makes are for the home, they do also offer several professional range cookers. While these could be useful in some homes, they are popular with eateries as well. The company makes quite a few other products generally better suited for the house. They have a number of options for cooking ranges, induction cookers, ovens and steam ovens, Elba has glass, stainless steel, domino, and ceramic cooktops, as well as a variety of accessories.

Elba offers a variety of front load washers and tumble dryers, dishwashers, and air conditioners as well. They have several portable units that are great for keeping different rooms of the house cool, as well as ionizing units. They have many different sized freezers available, and a plethora of different small appliances.

Within their small appliance range, customers will find mixers, deep fryers and food steamers, microwave ovens, sandwich makers, toasters, rice cookers, fans, irons, vacuums, hair dryers, and much more. Elba has nearly all of the appliances someone might need for their home.

Many customers are very loyal to the brand, and they will have all Elba products in the home whenever possible. They are loyal for a number of different reasons. First, quality has always been important to Fiamma, and this is certainly true with Elba as well. Meeting and exceeding the demands and expectations of the customers is essential to maintaining a good name in the field and a good name for the brand. Thanks to the high level of quality, customers feel they can trust the brand and the products they put out.

In addition to the quality of the brand's appliances, aesthetics are important. The look and the design of the appliances is equally as important as to how well they function. Just look at the company's motto once more and you will see that's the case.

The brand is going strong today, and it does not show any signs of wavering. They have a reputable and popular name in the field, and that helps them to continue building onto the success of their brand.

Resource: http://www.fiamma.com.my/history.html


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