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Video games and graphics have been around longer than most computer programs, and so it wasn't surprising that as early as 1999 a firm like EVGA was formed. Creating hardware that includes graphics cards, motherboards, and video cards, it has been working with the consumer and computer enthusiast market for almost two decades.

Today, it is involved in the making of video cards for NVIDIA GPUs in addition to motherboards, power supplies, computer cases and video gaming mice. It remains in California where it was founded, and is one of the most frequently awarded firms in the computer hardware and peripherals industry. It has a presence in Europe and Asia, and employs over 200 staff.

It also has a very active gaming community associated with it, and a dedicated series of forums devoted to the broad network of its product users. Long considered "the" name for cutting-edge gaming, it is also a solid brand for those in a wide range of other industries, including film and video makers, artists, and more. The company's dedication to intuitive design and high-end performance has shown it to be one of the most customer focused in the industry.

The Current EVGA Lineup

Because it is innovative, the EVGA range of products is fairly static and prone to updates and changes. A summary of the company's latest offerings includes:

  • Graphics cards - Their GeForce series is one of the most recognized and awarded, and includes GTX 980, GTX 970, GTX 960, Titan Series, 900 Series, 700 Series, 600 Series, 500 Series, 200 Series, 8 Series and the 6 Series.
  • Peripherals - Their most common peripherals are mice, and these also have received a long list of awards. Their current lineup features the X10 Carbon, X10 Mouse, X5 Laser, X5 Optical, and the X3 Optical.
  • Power Supplies - Not part of the firm's original range of products or specialties, they have nonetheless, managed to take a long list of awards and honours for their products in this category too. The current options include 1600, 1300, 1200, 1050, 1000, 850, 750, 650, 600, 550, 500, 430, and 400 watt units.
  • Cases - Because EVGA has always been an enthusiast brand, they make two very high quality and high tech cases available. Their Hadron Air and Hadron Hydro cases are feature-rich and capable of handling a range of demands while working well in the custom computer industry.
  • Motherboards - Known for their Intel motherboards, EVGA also has a lot of industry awards for their designs an styles in this category too. The current series includes Intel X99, Intel Z97, Intel Z87, and the Intel X79.
  • PCOIP - A surprisingly high-tech option for the consumer market, EVGA makes two extremely advanced PCoIP clients available. The Zero Clients 2321 and the Zero Clients 1100.
  • Mobile - In addition to the peripherals and hardware, EVGA is also making several mobile devices available. The NVIDIA Shield Tablet and the NVIDIA Shield, as well as the EVGA Tegra Note.

Because EVGA is continually innovating and updating its devices and designs, it has a huge fan following. The company's website is a dynamic and inspiring destination for enthusiasts and even novices hoping to discover how to become involved in building their own systems and premium hardware for gaming and heavy graphics processing.

As one of the top NVIDIA authorized partners, EVGA is positioned to remain a premier supplier to the industry. They also continue to extend their step up programming to allow those who use specific graphic cards to upgrade a GPU to a more advanced style. Though it is for unlocked cards only, it is just another way that EVGA is encouraging buyers to transition from simple users to full blown enthusiasts.

As times change and computer users become more and more familiar with what it takes to get the most out of their devices, products like those from EVGA are going to become more and more significant. Today, they are recognized as an elite brand that has almost countless numbers of awards documenting their dedication to providing customers with the best outcomes and results.

If you are interested in stepping up your computer or using extremely advanced peripherals, EVGA is the brand for you.


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