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It would be interesting if humans were be able to see the entire electromagnetic spectrum at one time. Sadly we are not, but even so, we can still marvel at what it can do, and what we can do with it. After all, it is full of wavelengths and microwaves; it can carry sound and light. Just the "C Band" of it is what contains the wavelengths over which so many telecommunications have been carried - including the waves needed to create the network we know as DishTV (formally Dish Network).

It may be hard to imagine, but this network was actually created as long ago as 1980 when it was named EchoStar. At that time it was a distributor of C Band systems. It did this through ownership of massive dish antennas (remember those huge dishes once appearing in all parts of the world?). And though it struggled to become an accepted and established method of viewing TV, it was soon considered a better alternative to cable. Quickly, EchoStar would become its own direct broadcast satellite network.

To do so, the company actually launched its own satellite in 1995, was given its own orbital slot, and constructed a satellite uplink center in Wyoming. That was the moment it could become its own service and begin broadcasting to subscribers with the proper satellite equipment. With a dedicated satellite in space, customers would not need those enormous dishes on their lawns or roofs, and viewers could now rely instead on the small dish antennas and high tech receiver boxes inside of their homes.

Acquisitions and Expansion

By the late 1990s, the company was ready to purchase more licenses and expand its possible reach. It achieved this through the purchase of ASkyB and MCI Worldcom. This doubled its possible audience and allowed Echostar (as the company was not yet Dish) to partner with other providers and deliver more than 500 channels.

Always seeking to innovate, the company introduced the first HDTV tuners in early 1999 and launched another satellite to enhance their capabilities and services. Doing this enabled the company to reach clients in all fifty American states, which was a first in the satellite TV industry.

Further acquisition enhanced the channel offerings, with the largest number of ethnic and international programs offered. By 2008 the company had grown to such an extent that it divided itself into two entities. This was when the Dish Network Corporation arrived (and it was soon just shortened to Dish or DishTV). Its emphasis was then, and still remains, top quality service and satellite programming.

Dish would invest further in acquisitions and purchase Blockbuster Inc., Terrestar, and DBSD. This has allowed the company to enter the on-demand market and extend movies, rentals, and games for streaming through their advanced receivers.

An Eye to Innovation

Naturally, the firm"s history of innovation has not diminished over time, and Dish was one of the first to offer up DVR functions. Their unique Hopper with Sling Whole-Home HD DVER allows customers to watch live and recorded programming at home, but also from computers, tablets, or smartphones. This can be partnered with their new Joey device which eliminates the needs for any sort of wiring in a home. Clients no longer have to run coaxial cables or wires throughout their homes and can instead use this simple device as the ultimate wireless system.

Dish TV also is one of the first to provide customers with easy access to a portable dish that can be used for any "away from home" viewing. Called the Tailgater, it is small and portable, and is ideally suited for outdoor activities, camping, and, of course, tailgating.

To say that Dish TV is an award winning firm is a mild statement since it consistently wins award every year. In 2013 alone it was recognized by Entertainment Weekly, Cable & Satellite International,, Dealerscope, Laptop Magazine,, International CES, and many more.

The firm currently provides television to more than 14 million subscribers and has the most international and HD (high definition) programming in the United States. It employ more than 22 thousand staff and remains one of the most innovative television services. It is available in all 50 states and remains a top entertainment resource.

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