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Dimplex, or the Glen Dimplex Group, started in Northern Ireland in 1973. When they first started, they manufactured electrical heaters, but they've grown, changed, and added to their offerings in that time, often due to the acquisitions they've made over the years. In the decades since it began, Dimplex has done quite well for the most part, with their yearly revenues exceeding two billion euros. They have employees on four different continents today, numbering more than 10,000 people.

The original name of the company started by Martin Naughton in 1973 was Glen Electric. They were making oil filled radiators, and when they began, they had just seven employees working there. Within just four years ago, they started to make some big changes. The biggest, and the one that altered the course of Glen Electric, was the acquisition of Dimplex in 1977. Dimplex was eight times the size of Glen when they bought it. Dimplex already had a solid reputation in the field of electric heating. With the drive and ambition the new owners had, they combined the company and led it to even greater heights.

The Growing Company

While they may have started off as a relatively small company, they've managed to become the largest manufacturer of electrical heating goods in the world today. This is not the only area where they have seen success though. The company has been manufacturing cooling and ventilation goods, as well as domestic appliances. They are also looking into renewable energy, as they always want to be on the cutting edge of changes and advances in technology.

Most of the manufacturing for the company still occurs in England and Ireland. However, they do have branches in other areas around the world, including North America, Japan, Poland, France, Australia, Scandinavia, China, Belgium, and Germany.

What Acquisitions Has Dimplex Made?

In 1985, the company bought Morphy Richards and Burco Dean Appliances. They bought Belling in 1992, Roberts Radio in 1994, and Goblin Vacuum Cleaners in 1998. In the 2000s, they bought Robinson Wiley, LEC Refrigeration, and Valor. Today, the company has a number of brands that fall under their belt, including Valor, Glen, Redring, and Carmen Personal Care. This is just a handful of the many smart buys the company has made over the years. By purchasing rivals, as well as companies that were in similar types of businesses, it allowed them to take the best minds and the best products and put them under one umbrella. This proved to be a good option for the company as well as for the consumers.

As with many companies, Dimplex was also a sponsor for a sports team. They sponsored the Southampton Football Club from 1993 to 1995.

The Sub Brands and Specialties

Glen Dimplex brands cover a range of different products. Dimplex, for example, is the leader in electrical heating. Riedel is a leader in cooling and thermal management components. LEC works in refrigeration, while Burco works in water heating as well as catering equipment. They have a number of brands that work within the small appliance field as well, including Galaxy, Stoves, Roberts, Britannia, Belling, and New World. Today, the company and their brands are able to serve both the commercial and the domestic market equally.

One of the things that have always been important to the company was renewable energy, which they are working with today in a number of capacities. They have many different low carbon options when it comes to water heating and space heating, as well as cooling and ventilation. Dimplex also is delving into solar power generation. They feel that embracing the environment and looking for better and smarter ways to create products that help rather than harm is important.

Today, the company has manufacturing facilities all around the world, and they continue to be a leader in a host of different fields thanks to the many acquisitions made over the years. They have a very reputable and well-known name in the field, which helps lead to more sales. Their sub brands, even though they may not carry the name of their parent company, also have great reputations. This helps to grow the company and to make it stronger.

Resource: http://www.glendimplex.com/


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