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Digitus was started in 1994 to meet the growing need for high quality technology products. With a clear fusion between working and living spaces, and the ever increasing demand for more advanced technological solutions within them, Digitus was formed to meet that need. Since that time, the company has become a global leader in specialization. Able to make products that fit seamlessly and fluidly into a modern living and/or working environment, the Digitus brand is extensive.

Naturally, it is not all about producing thousands of goods. The firm was established with environmentally friendly as well as user friendly goods in mind. Today, they are an ISO 9001 certified firm with an optimal quality control system that produces only the most dependable and effective goods.

The Many Digitus Products

Consumers may already own Digitus without realizing it simply because the brand is one of the most commonly chosen by buyers around the world. The product categories include:

  • Multimedia - The multimedia products are broken out into several large series that include audio, video, desktop accessories, and communication equipment. The video series features HD media players, high end webcams, USB graphic adapters and even DVB-T receiver sets. The audio series includes their home and desktop audio solutions, their portable audio, and their USB audio adapters. The desktop accessories feature their highly rated mice and keyboards, and the communication equipment they offer is focused on Internet telephones and features USB telephones and headsets
  • Datacom - This category features an extensive range of switches as well as video tools. The series includes KVM pocket and cable options, KVM switches (2, 4, and 8 port options) in VGA or DVI, 32 port KVM switches in VGA, KVM consoles, and KVM extenders and cables. They also make video splitters with 2 to 16 port options; video switches that are 2 and 4 port; video matrix switches in VGA, DVI or HDMI; video extenders in VGA, DVI or HDMI; and a wide array of VGA, DVI, HDMI, and display port products along with converters as well.
  • Network - In order to network such an enormous part of the integration of home and technology, Digitus offers a huge range of network tools that are high speed, comprehensive and able to meet almost any demand. The series features 300Mbps wireless LAN, 150Mbps wireless LAN, 54Mbps wireless LAN; wireless LAN antennas and accessories; their high speed Powerline Network tools; Bluetooth USB adapters and audio accessories; fast Ethernet network tools such as interface cards, switches and print servers; Gigabit Ethernet network tools such as interface cards and switches; multifunction network servers; network IP cameras including static as well as pan and tilt models; and network attached storage products.
  • Cable and Adapter - The consumer need for high quality cables and adapters means that Digitus also has almost any sort of product required. A summary of the series includes monitor and video cables, HDMI cables, DVI cables, DisplayPort cables and adapters, USB cables, printer cables, modem and serial cables, firewire cables, eSATA cables, PS/2 cables, Apple device cables and adapters, SATA cables, power supply cables, A/V adapters and switches, SAS cables, Smartphone and tablet cables, MHL cables, telephone cables, serial cables and adapters and internal PC power cables.
  • Accessories - In line with the rest of their category offerings, Digitus makes a huge range of accessories available. They include Apple product accessories; USB hubs; card readers, front panels; interface cards for notebooks or PCs; data storage that includes HDD enclosures, storage solutions, HDD connectivity products, and HDD removable frames; security for notebooks and PCs; adapter and converters; notebook accessories; bags; and display mounting for computer flatscreen monitors as well as flatscreen TVs.

Clearly, Digitus is a thinking brand that attempts to predict consumer needs and then produce only the most reliable and user-friendly solutions. With products for home entertainment, computing, gaming, and professional spaces, it is a comprehensive solution to today's integrated lifestyles. Whether you need just a quality HDMI cable for a television or you require all of the gadgets necessary for a premium VoIP connection, you are going to find all you need and more through Digitus. With up to 15 years warranty on some products, it is clearly a brand to trust.


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