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Though you hear the word diesel and think of auto fuel, the name is also one chosen by a maker of premium designer jeans. The Diesel brand, in fact, is considered to be one of the high end names and is currently a wildly popular choice for clothing and accessories, as well.

The Diesel Story

It began in 1978 when designer Renzo Rosso decided to leave his employer and set out to create his own label. With borrowed funds, he invested in a pre-existing firm, changed its name, and began to create his first line of jeans under the Diesel name.

Within eight years" time he was able to buy out the brand on his own and begin to develop what today is known as a lifestyle brand as much as a maker of top quality designer jeans.

Eventually the firm was acquired as part of the OTB network and rubs elbows with other "lifestyle" brands seen as premium or luxury, too. This includes Marni, as well as the wildly popular Viktor&Rolf labels. However, Renzo Rosso still provides the main design inspirations, and in partnership with other designers has been able to keep Diesel as one of the most unique and innovative names in fashion.

Diesel Today

The brand is incredibly active and releases roughly three thousand new items ever season. It does not restrict itself to youthful fashions for men, women, and kids, however, and also pioneers in many other areas.

The current collections include the Diesel brand of denim jeans but also the Diesel Black Gold line that is one of the most contemporary available. There is also the 55DSL line of streetwear and the children"s line known as Diesel Kid. The company also partners with top names in fashion and design for other products. These partnerships include:

Watches and jewelry in cooperation with the Fossil brand

Fragrances in partnership with L"Oreal

Eyewear in cooperation with Marcolin

Helmets made in partnership with AGV

Bikes designed with Pinarello

Headphones created with Monster

Diesel Farm, which markets wines and olive oils grown on company land

Ducati clothing made in collaboration with the motorcycle manufacturing firm

Home collections that are designed and marketed through Zucchi and Scavolini, Foscarini, and others

This makes it clear that the Diesel look has gone beyond its original youth market and is just as true to its founding concepts as it was in the 1970s. The brand"s mission is to deliver a means of individuality and self- expression, but to do so with passion and creativity.

Their 2014 collections put an emphasis on denim, leather, and military looks. These are created under the direction of Nicola Formichetti (the artistic director of the firm) and has the goal of being wearable while also providing "signature" styles.

Each of the collections includes apparel, denim, JoggJeans, shoes, underwear, accessories, eyewear, watches, jewelry, fragrance, and more. The specialty collections (Black Gold and 55DSL) are also available for purchase directly through their site or in their retail stores.

Finding Diesel

Available through online vendors and directly through the Diesel stores, the company also makes the label available in many upscale retail shops and locations. It has a presence in all parts of the world including Australia, Brazil, Austria, Canada, Belgium, Croatia, the US, Netherlands, the UK, Turkey, most of Europe, Mexico, Israel, Asia, China, and more.

One thing to bear in mind when purchasing Diesel brand products is that their popularity has made them vulnerable to piracy and trademark infringement. Even in 2014 the firm was battling against several groups that had infringed on the firm"s name and attempted to sell items with the coveted label.

This makes it best for buyers to purchase directly through the company or from their authorized distributors. The firm is so vast that it is best to scout out local buying opportunities using the company"s search tools.

Popular to such a degree that piracy and infringement are issues proves that the Diesel brand is one of the most popular around. The high quality materials and world-class designs of Renzo Rosso and his gifted team of creative directors and design partners, ensure that this brand will remain popular and inspiring. Equal parts lifestyle and fashion statement, Diesel has transitioned over time and continues to provide new and inspiring looks for many ages.

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