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Denon is a Japanese electronics company founded more than a hundred years ago. They have been on the cutting edge of many different types of technology over the years, including digital audio. They specialize in the field of high fidelity audio gear and equipment for the consumer and pro level markets.

The History of Denon

The company started in 1910, and in the beginning, it was a part of the Japan Recorders Corporation. The original name of the company was Denki Onkyo Kabushikigaisha, and they later shortened the name to simply Denon.

Down through the years, they've gone through a number of different mergers that have led to the company becoming an even larger and stronger brand. They merged with Japan-US Recorders Manufacturing in 1912. In 1928, the Columbia brand started, and then the company became Japan Columbia Recorders. In 1946, the company went through yet another name change and became Nippon Columbia. Interestingly, the name Denon did not actually come about until a year later in 1947, when the company merged with Japan Denki Onkyo.

Products from Denon Over the Years

To understand just how instrumental the company has been in terms of innovating and making new and better technologies over the years, it is important to look at some of the most important products they've made. In 1910, at the time the company was founded, they began to make gramophones as well as single-sided records. These were a staple of the company for a number of years.

In 1939, they put out the first disc recorder for professional use in the broadcast industry. In 1951, they became the first company in Japan to create and sell LP records. The 1950s also saw the development of the first pro level tape recorder for the broadcast field, as well as stereo records and open reel audio tapes.

In the 1960s, they created a line of electric pianos, and actually started to sell cassette tapes in 1964. They began to get into the field if high fidelity audio in the early 70s. They made amplifiers, speakers, tuners, and turntables that were quite popular. They created the world's first 8- channel recorder that was actually viable, and for their work in the field of electronics received the Trend Setter Award from Billboard Magazine. Over the years, the company has received a number of other awards, as well, often for their innovation or design. While awards aren't everything to a company, they have helped to spread awareness of the brand.

In 1981, they proved again that they were ahead of the curve when they introduced a pro use CD player. In the ensuing decades, they worked with mini disk players, amplifiers, and created a line of headphones. They were also the company being creating the world's first THX-EX home theater system. The 2000s saw them get more into digital audio and even video to a certain extent with HQV.

In 2001, the company spun off from their parent company and became separate. At that time, Hitachi owned 2% of the company, while Ripplewood Holdings owned the other 98%. Just a year later in 2002, the company merged with Marantz, and they formed D&M Holdings. The company still sells a variety of different products under the Denon brand name.

What Is the Company Doing Today?

Today, Denon creates and sells a range of home theater and audio equipment. They offer items such as AV receivers, tuners, headphones, and wireless music systems. They have a very strong name in the field of electronics and in audio in particular. Those who are looking to buy high quality audio gear know that Denon is a reputable brand. Audiophiles in particular love the quality of the items they offer, and they are very popular among those who are searching for professional options.

However, the consumer markets who may not know much about audio gear other than the basics also know and trust the Denon name. Since the company has been in business and offering products under the brand for so many years, it makes sense that they would have a strong and well-known brand. They also have a reputation for being one of the best quality brands available.


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