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Heos 5 by Denon

Verdict: The Heos 5 by Denon is the middle sibling in the Heos speaker line. It's larger and more powerful than the Heos 3 , and at $399.99 is much less expensive than the Heos 7 . That kind of money is still nothing to sneeze at for a Wi-Fi speaker, though, and some distortion at higher volumes keeps it...
Pros: Clear sound quality. Heos app supports many popular music services. Works with both iOS and Android
Cons: Distorts on tracks with very deep bass. Can be finicky to use in areas with lots of Wi-Fi congestion. Clunky 3.5mm aux input
5 years ago

Denon Heos 5

Verdict: Heos 5 is Denon's midrange multiroom speaker, sandwiched between the Heos 3 and top-end Heos 7. Smaller and more affordable than Heos 7, it's designed for use in medium to large rooms.
Pros: Excellent detail and bass reproduction, Robust build quality, Flexible smartphone app, Good range of streaming services
Cons: No hi-res music support, Bluetooth not integrated, No track time slider
3 years ago

Denon Heos 5 Review

Verdict: Denon's Heos takes a shot at Sonos, but misses its target
Pros: Big, powerful sound, Attractive form factor, Intuitive new speaker grouping feature, Responsive and easy to use EQ
Cons: App wrought with playback issues, No obvious Mac playback method, Midrange and upper register lack presence and detail, UI not as intuitive as Sonos
5 years ago

Great speakers, let down by appalling software

Verdict: The HEOS system a direct competitor to SONOS, the market leader in multi-room. I didn't purchase my HEOS 7 or the 3's that I have from Amazon, but from another reseller and this was because I wanted to listen to the systems first.
3 years ago

Portable room audio

Verdict: The sounds was actually better than expected. I was a bit surprised about the bass response, but I think that's helped by the fact they ask you to place it fairly close to a wall - I think that helps focus the sound and make it seem bigger than it is.
Pros: Can move it anywhere my wireless reaches
Cons: Receiver, though it supports this, made it more difficult than I'd hoped to use this for Zone 2
10 months ago

Enjoy Music Throughout Your Home (Review of the HEOS 3 & 5)

Verdict: There is an old adage that says "Don't judge a book by its cover." I agree with this sentiment, however, packaging can tell a lot about the product inside. If a company takes times to create a packaging solution that makes you take notice, I assume they will take pride in making sure their product...
4 years ago

Great sound! Technology interface has room to impr

Verdict: The quality of sound is very impressive! This one speaker can fill my house with quality and full range sound! The lack of usability with google music is a big weakness. I find Spotify, pandora, and the other media sources available through HEOS to fall short of google music.
1 year ago

Denon HEOS LINK HS2 Compact Multi Room Adapter

Pros: Pretty straightforward to install and set-up
Cons: Sound quality is not as good as when listening to a CD
1 year ago

5 Star for the Speaker itself

Verdict: Speaker was nice, HEOS was Not which was the point in buying this altogether. I returned this as it did not serve my objectives with HEOS in mind. If HEOS is the reason you want this speaker, Id recommend Sonos instead.
12 months ago
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