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Deep Fryers Buying Guide

Let's face it...deep fried food tastes really good. If you believe that it's OK to eat it in moderation, and you're keen to buy the best deep fryer for your purposes, read on!

How Big Should It Be?

Many of us buy a deep fryer because they're very convenient when cooking large amounts of yummy food for party guests. This makes capacity a key consideration. If you're cooking for a crowd, a larger-capacity fryer will be able to cook more food at once, giving you more time to enjoy the occasion yourself. But if you intend to use your fryer on fewer occasions, and for smaller groups, check out a cheaper and smaller model; you'd be surprised what you can still fit in there!

Is It Ready Yet?

Cooking in oil that isn't the right temperature can lead to unpleasant results, but many people do this because they're too impatient to wait for the oil to come up to a suitable heat level. if you're not the most patient of cooks, ask for models that heat the oil quickly, and that also bring the oil back up to temperature at a reasonable time once the food is added.

Fry Safely

It's important to follow safety instructions with every appliance you use, but especially so with a deep fryer. Thankfully, many of the better models are packed with safety features, including automatic shutoff if oil reaches an unsafe temperature, or a break-off cord that comes away from the fryer if it is disturbed; this means the whole fryer, and the hot oil inside it, won't tip over and spill. For all that, follow all instructions in the manual very carefully, regardless of the number of safety features.

Keep It Cool

Things can get pretty hot inside a deep fryer - and the food cooking within the fryer can look pretty irresistible to small hands...chips are the perfect example. Another safety feature to look for therefore, is a cool touch exterior. This will minimise the risk of burns, for both the cook and the kids. Obviously, you would never want to leave a deep fryer, or any cooking appliance, unattended, but things can happen which might see you leave the kitchen in a hurry. A cool touch exterior can reduce the risk of burns when you're not there to supervise.

The Good Oil On Oil

Replacing oil on a regular basis is essential for better results, and for hygienic purposes as well. It's easy to forget when you last replaced the oil, so some fryers now have an added feature that will notify you when it's time to make the change.

Keeping It Clean

Anything you use to cook with on a regular basis will need cleaning. In the case of a deep fryer, that cleaning process also involves draining and replacing the oil. To save time and effort, look for deep fryers with dishwasher-safe parts, and features that make the draining process easier.

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