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The Italian company, based in Treviso, is one of the most important small appliance manufacturers in the country. They have a reputation for making high quality products for the kitchen as well as for other areas of the home. However, they were not always in the business of appliances. In the early days, they started out quite small, but one would hardly imagine that they came from such small beginnings.

Where and When Did DeLonghi Begin?

The company started more than a hundred years ago. The DeLonghi family founded the company in 1902, and at that time, they were manufacturing small industrial pieces and parts. They had always seemed to be interested in being on the cutting edge though, so it made sense that they would get into the electronics field as it started to become more important to the world.

The company officially incorporated in 1950. They made a number of different types of products, becoming well known for their portable heaters as well as for their air conditioners. Over the years, they've expended to other areas with a variety of different types of products available in different areas from cooking to cleaning and more.

The Importance of the Brand

One of the things that DeLonghi takes very seriously is their reputation, and their brand is a huge part of that reputation. They put in a substantial amount of effort to provide buyers with high quality products that marry performance and style, as they feel that form and function should go hand in hand with one another. They are also actively trying to expand their reach to as many countries as possible as a means to grow their brand. They continue to work hard when it comes to designing and selling high quality products that are usable and different from the other products out there today. They take their branding seriously, and they work hard at ensuring in order to maintain their distinct style while never sacrificing quality.

Types of Products DeLonghi Makes Today

The company manufactures a range of very popular products in a number of different categories. Some of the most popular of their products include their coffee machines, espresso machines, grinders, and more in the field of coffee. They make a number of accessories and specialized systems. Coffee is not the only area where they excel though. They also make popular gelato machines, portable air conditioners, irons, steam cleaners, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, fan heaters, irons and ironing accessories, toasters, fryers, kettles, grills, food processors, and much more.

People seem to love the durability of the products, but even more, they love the design. One of the hallmarks of the brand is design quality. In fact, they've won a number of design awards for their work, including the Red Dot Design Award. Many consider the design director for the company, Giocomo Borin, to be one of the best and most influential designers in the world.

The Company Grows

In 2001, the company acquired Kenwood Limited, an appliance maker from Britain. This gave the company access to the factory that Kenwood was running in China, so now many of the products come from China. However, because the design aspect of the company is so important, the design work and the engineering remain in Italy.

Over the years, the company has continued to grow quickly, and they now have production facilities around the world - thirteen of them in all. They also have 30 subsidiaries that help them sell to 75 countries around the world. Their international sales are actually very important to the company, as they account for close to 75% of the company's overall revenue.

The company keeps on growing, too. They bought rights to create and sell Braun products from the company Proctor & Gamble. While they do not own the brand, Proctor and Gamble maintains the Braun brand, DeLonghi will have the right to manufacture and sell products that bear the brand. This partnership promises to be rewarding to both of the companies.

Products from the DeLonghi company are a part of many homes around the world today, and the continual creation and innovation of new products promises to make them even larger and more powerful in the coming years.


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