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If you are into fishing, it is quite likely you already know the name Daiwa. Since 1955, the firm has been working hard to become one of the best and most innovative makers of fishing tackle in the entire world.

It began operating in the United States in 1966, establishing itself in Culver City, California and, today, it has facilities in throughout the Americas - including Canada. The company is also a strong force in European markets, especially the UK.

The current range of products is extensive, and known for being both innovative and of the utmost quality. Daiwa products have persistently served as an inspiration in the entire tackle industry, and their choices in design, materials, and production standards have become the top in the field.

The full array of products is divided into the following categories:

Tackle - Their reels are seen as some of the finest available and include their baitcasing reels, their fly and mooching reels, Daiwa Spinning Reels, heavy action spinning reels, their Bite N' Run Spinning reels, surf spinning reels, Daiwa Spincast reels, saltwater reels, saltwater casting reels, surf casting reels, line counter reels, and Daiwa power assist reels. They also make a long list of rods, too, and these include their freshwater rods, freshwater specialty rods, fly rods, saltwater rods, and their surf & jetty rods. Daiwa also makes International Carp Tackle and special Travel Tackle. The company offers combinations, too.

Lures - Their lures are also considered some of the best available and include standard and saltwater lures. The standard Daiwa lures include their Flat Flash Crank, DB Minnow SP, Pop n'Skater, Dr. Minnow, Peanut, Game Vibe, and SC Shiner. The saltwater lures from Daiwa include their Salt Minnow and the Salt Pro Minnow.

Line - In addition to their top quality tackle and lures they make three types of line available, and these are their Steez Fluorocarbon Line, Satliga Boat Braided Line, and the Samurai Braided Line-Green.

Accessories - A full range of fun and helpful accessories are made and marketed through Daiwa too, and they include hooded sweatshirts, beanies, t- shirts, shirts, caps, decals, and a list of fishing tools. The tools include a lure catcher and an accessory rod clamp.

The Innovation and Quality of Daiwa

What makes the company such a model for the entire fishing tackle industry? It has a lot to do with their emphasis on research and development and the subsequent implementation of new technologies.

As an example, one of Daiwa's latest creations is their Zillion Bass Rod. This is a remarkable bit of fishing technology thanks to its use of the Daiwa proprietary Super Volume Fiber material. This makes any rod far more sensitive and responsive and yet lighter in weight than previous generations. It also uses other Daiwa inventions, such as the Tangle Free Fuji SiC Ring K guides and the Carbon Air reel seat.

These innovations make the new rods lighter and stronger, durable and yet incredibly easy to use, and also helps with prevention of wind knots in braided line.

The coordinating Zillion Reels also incorporate a lot of the Daiwa technology, too. They feature the patented T-Wing System, the options for hyper and high speeds, free floating spools based on Daiwa's unique design, and the strength and lightweight that are the hallmark of the firm.

In other words - the company provides fishing experts and enthusiasts with tools that enhance the joy of their fishing experiences while making it easier than ever to catch preferred types of fish.

Of course, all of the newest technologies and advances would not add up to very much if there were no guarantees behind the products. However, Daiwa has one of the finest warranty options available. Not only do they repair or replace any item that has any material or manufacture defect, but they also have a large array of certified service providers to perform regular care on their products too.

The Daiwa theory is that tackle is to be treated like a high quality vehicle and given maintenance on a regular basis. To accomplish this they have created an array of certified Daiwa dealers and service providers. They can maintain any product to ensure it provides a lifetime of quality performance.

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