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DJI Innovations is a relatively new company from China that started in 2006. While there are a number of Chinese start up companies that come out each year, few have reached the popularity that DJI has, at least so quickly. The company has quickly become the world leader when it comes to making high quality, reliable, high performance drones and unmanned aerial systems for the consumer and commercial market. In the past several years, they"ve grown from having a mere 50 employees to having more than 1,500.

The company is actually doing very well, and estimates are that they currently control more than half of the market when it comes to these types of products. This is more than their biggest rivals Parrot and Microdrones.

What Types of Products Does DJI Make?

DJI makes a range of drones and unmanned aerial systems that are useful for a host of different reasons, both commercial and recreational. Their drone line is called Phantom, and they currently have a number of different models in this line - Phantom FC40, Phantom 2 Vision, Phantom 1, Phantom 2, and the Phantom 2 Vision+. The company also makes a number of flying platforms, as well as flight controllers for multi-rotors and helicopters, and even ground station software and stations.

Since filming is one of the most common purposes for these drones, it makes sense that the company also offers a range of aerial gimbles. They offer a number of different options that will work with various types of cameras, including the popular GoPro. They are actually even offering handheld gimbles today.

Some of the other product options from DJI include Bluetooth data links, vibration absorber kits, tuned propulsion systems, propellers and landing gear.

How Did the Brand Get So Popular So Quickly?

The idea of drones and unmanned vehicles is very popular today, so the company really started at the right time. The company also has had quite a bit of media attention, including articles and profiles in the likes of Bloomberg Business Week. This helped to expand the reach of the brand, and now that more people are starting to take an interest in this type of product, all of the media is really bringing DJI more attention.

People are using the drones for a host of different purposes. For example, real estate agents are using them to take photographs of land and properties from the air. Filmmakers are using them to take aerial shots that would have been very costly, or impossible for small filmmakers, before.

One of the other things that have made the brand and their products so popular is the fact that they are actually quite affordable for what they offer. They also happen to be relatively easy to use after some practice. This means that in addition to those who are using the drones for commercial uses, consumers who just want to have a bit of fun and who enjoy hobby flying can enjoy them.

The simplicity of use is actually one of the greatest selling factors. With so many of the other drones and similar vehicles on the market, it takes tuning and tweaking to make the thing work properly. DJI prides itself on making "out of the box" drones that simply work right the first time the customer fires it up.

The company also does quite a bit of smart advertising. For example, they had a presence at the San Diego Comic-Con International in a teamup with Fox Television. They were there for the entire four days, allowing people to fly one of their new drones and learn about the technology behind it. This, along with their other marketing pushes, are bringing people more education on the world of drones and how helpful and fun they can be.

DJI is also a company that understands very well just how important actual innovation is for their success. The company strives to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to all areas of technology involving their business. This helps to ensure that they are always putting out only the best possible products for their customers. Ultimately, these measures help to strengthen their brand.


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