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D-Link Corporation, founded in 1986 as Datax Systems, Inc. in Taiwan started as a vendor for network adapters. In the years since though, they've changed their focus and have been working to design and manufacture networking solutions for businesses and consumers alike. In the decades since their inception, they have grown substantially. They are now offering a wide range of different products for a variety of uses. Their main competitors include HP, Netgear, and Cisco.

The History of D-Link

After being founded in 1986, the company released their first Ethernet adapter for the PC just a year later. The DE-001 was very popular, but the company continued to innovate and to come up with other products. In 1988, they released the first peer-to-peer LANSmart Networking Operating System. They started to manufacture their own line of Ethernet controller chips in 1989, which helped them to reduce costs, as they had been buying components from others before that. Still under the name Datex, the company introduced an Ethernet hub in 1990.

Six years after forming as Datex, the company changed its name to D-Link Corporation in 1992. It was two years later that the company set up D-Link International Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. They did this so that they could expand their business to start selling in areas other than China, Europe, and the United States. 1996 saw the release of the first fast Ethernet switch in the world, with an ISDN remote router, and it came from D-Link. D-Link was on Forbes top 300 list of companies in 1998, as well.

In the 2000s, the company continued to push forward with technology and innovate. They were one of the first companies to start working with wireless LAN. In 2002, they even partnered with Texas Instruments in the field of wireless LAN. They introduced the first gigabit gaming router in 2004.

D-Link was also one of the first companies to think about green technology. They were actually the first to introduce "Green Ethernet" technology in their gigabit switches. By 2010, they were the top company in small to large enterprises when it came to shipping WLAN standalone access points.

What Types of Products Does the Company Offer

Today, D-Link makes a large number of different types of products, including cameras. They do not offer typical point and shoot cameras though. They offer baby monitors, network cameras, and network video recorders. The company also offers a number of other items for a fully connected home. These include Wi-Fi smart plugs and Wi-Fi motion sensors. They also have a huge variety of routers, network adapters, modems, USB hubs, switches, access points, special gaming routers that help to reduce lag that can complicate online gaming, and other accessories.

Additionally, D-Link now offers Wi-Fi audio extenders and media players. The audio extender allows users to stream music from a smart phone to any connected speaker, and it can expand wi-fi coverage. D-Link has two media players available - MovieNite and MovieNite Plus. They offer a 1080P HD experience and connect to YouTube, Pandora, Netflix, and more. The Plus version even allows for access to Facebook and Twitter. These are some of the very consumer friendly and easy to use products they offer. These are mainly competitors to similar boxes such as the Roku and Apple TV.

Customers Remain Important

One of the reasons that D-Link has been able to maintain a strong and successful brand despite a few setbacks and issues along the way is that they do make products that try to suit the needs of all of their customers. They want to make businesses, service providers, and home consumers equally happy with their products. They have a strong customer service network that helps them to keep their customers pleased with the products and the overall service the company offers.

D-Link has a good reputation overall, and that's helped to give the brand some of the staying power that it has. The company consistently puts out high quality products, and to put out products that people actually want and need. They also continue to find ways to innovate and add to the technology, making it better and pushing it forward.



Most Popular D-Link Products

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Indoor, PT/PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom)
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D-Link DGS-1210-28
Managed, Switch
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D-Link DWR-956
5GHz, 4 pc, Wireless network, HSDPA (turbo-3G), HSUPA, 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE)
★★★★★ 1.5
2 Reviews
★★★★★ 3.0
6 Reviews

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