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Cuisinart is one of the most popular and most recognized name brands in the field of home appliances. Conair Corporation now owns this renowned American brand, and they create a diverse range of different types of products, as well as services, for their customers. They handle everything from coffeemakers to cookware, food processers, mixers, slow cookers, and more. Most people in the United States know this brand and know the logo. They, or someone they know, probably owns or has owned a product from Cuisinart at some point. While they are huge today, they started as a relatively small company with a big idea and lofty goals.

Cuisinart"s History

The company began in 1971 when Carl and Shirley Sontheimer, a husband and wife team, came up with the idea. They were visiting France and saw a food prep machine that piqued their interest. Carl had knowledge of engineering as well as a love for food and preparing food, and he thought that it would be possible to make a similar machine to sell in the American marketplace.

He reverse-engineered the original machine and refined it, making improvements to it as he saw fit. It took two years of work, but he was able to present his prototype, which he called the Food Processor, to the National Housewares Exposition. The machine started to take off, albeit slowly.

Over the course of the next couple of years, some high profile chefs, including the likes of James Beard and Julia Child, started to use the machine. Because they were in the public eye and they were using and talking about the machine, the demand for the device started to increase. When the Food Processor was first on the market, they were only selling a couple of units each month. By 1977 though, they were moving hundreds of units each month, and they kept on growing and expanding their business and their brand.

Within another decade, Cuisinart had set up a very nice position for itself in the realm of household goods and appliances. They had become the top brand in North America. Up until this point, the only products they were making were variations on their food processor. However, in the late 80s, they developed a chopper/grinder called the Mini-Mate. This was the first different type of device to come from the company, but they needed to expand if they wanted to survive. This proved to be a good move for them, as the company continued to grow.

In 1989, the company founders received an offer to sell the company. They ended up selling to a group of investors for $60 million. For a time, the company was called Cuisinart Inc. Later that year, the company sold again, this time to Conair, the company that still owns them to this day. Becoming part of Conair did great things for both brands, helping to expand their overall reach in the market.

What Do They Make Today?

Even though they spent many years focusing solely on food processors and similar items, they抳e diversified today to include a range of different types of products. Some of the items that feature the brand name include espresso makers, grills, griddles, rice cookers, mixers, waffle makers, cookware, brick ovens, and blenders. They sell their products in upscale stores and online for the most part. However, consumers can find the products with this brand name in a variety of places, including Walmart.

Cuisinart actually does things other than simply making appliances for the kitchen though. They also help to expand their reputation and brand in some other interesting and unique ways. They sell cookbooks, and they provide recipes on their site, and work with a number of culinary schools. Providing education in the culinary arts is important for their business, and they are helping in this area in a number of different ways.

Another element they deem important to their business and brand is innovation. This is easy to see in their products, which have received a number of awards for quality and design over the years.

The brand has gone from a small, unknown to a real powerhouse over the course of the four plus decades it has been in business. They retain a great reputation, and people know they can trust in the brand and the products they sell.


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