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Corsair Memory is a company located in the United States that creates a variety of computer hardware and peripherals. While they create a variety of different types of memory products, the company has a close relation to PC gaming. This is mainly because they specialize in creating high quality and high performance memory, as well as efficient power supplies. This makes them a good choice for gamers, although many find their products to be very efficient and well worth using.

Where Did the Brand Start?

Corsair started in California in 1994 when founders Don Lieberman, and John Beekley created the company. Some of the first devices they made were Level 2 cache modules for OEMS. Some of the other terms used for these devices were cache on a stick or COAST modules. The company eventually changed their area of specialty and started to create and ship DRAM modules. These were specifically for computer enthusiasts who were using them for things such as overclocking in gaming. This proved to be quite successful for them, and they continued in this direction. Eventually, they added other PC components to the mix.

The devices they are making allow PC users to get more performance from their systems, and they are continually making advances to their products to allow for even greater performance.

The Fremont, CA company is very popular with those who know and understand PCs, but they do not have as much brand recognition with the rest of the market. This is not an oversight on the part of the company. Rather, it is a focused and tactical method of finding and targeting a specific niche, specifically hardcore PC lovers who build computers and PC gamers who build and upgrade their own computers. This is actually a rather large niche too, and they have become quite successful thanks to targeting this group.

Corsair is currently selling to people in more than 60 countries around the world thanks to their relationships with retailers and distributors. It is also possible to find online companies that offer their products. Because they have a range of products, it is possible for customers to find the right size, speed, and style they need when creating their own computer.

Where Is the Brand Today?

The company has its headquarters in Fremont, but they also have a production facility located in Taiwan. This is where they test, assemble, and then package their products. The company also has a number of distribution centers in Asia, Europe, and in the United States. This makes it easier for them to get their products to customers around the world.

Today, they create and manufacture a variety of different types of products, including the DRAM and DIMM memory modules for use in computers. They also create USB flash drives, PC cases, solid state drives and controllers, and a variety of cooling systems. They work with both fan-driven systems and water cooling systems. Since the company is so closely related to the gaming community, they also offer a variety of peripheral products for the gaming crowd. They have mechanical gaming keyboards, gaming mice, and USB audio headsets specifically for gaming.

One of the other things that the company offers on their own website, in addition to their products, is how-to guides. These guides are able to help customers who might be new to technology to have a much better idea of how to use the company's items to create the perfect, powerful computer.

Even though the focus of the brand is on gaming computers and peripherals, many other computer enthusiasts who need to build quality computers with tons of power enjoy the features and options of Corsair's products. For many who build computers, for gaming, graphics, video editing and more, Corsair has a very good reputation in the industry. Their products are high quality and reliable, and this helps to provide their brand with a bit more trust from customers than some of the other brands might get. The company has been around for twenty years, and for the modern tech industry, that's a long time. While they have a number of competitors on the market, they are quite a popular brand.


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Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless
Optical, 26,000 dpi, Wireless
★★★★ 4.0
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Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 32in
2560 x 1440, 1 ms, 1,000:1, 16:9
★★★★ 3.8
2 Reviews
Corsair M65 Pro RGB Gaming
Optical, 8,200 dpi, Wired
★★★★ 4.3
38 Reviews
Corsair K68
Wired, PC, Standard
★★★★ 4.3
28 Reviews
★★★★ 4.3
15 Reviews
★★★★★ 4.7
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