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Computer technologies and their users' needs have grown to the point that many home and business computer owners are comfortable purchasing "aftermarket" equipment designed to meet their specific demands. Though less than twenty years ago most computer owners would not have known about cooling pads or computer chassis, today's consumers are far more familiar with such items, and their significance.

Established in 1992, the Cooler Master brand meets this growing demand of well-educated consumers and supplies them with high quality thermal products and solutions. Today, they are known for their aftermarket computer cases, power supplies, coolers, and other peripherals, and are viewed as one of the best thermal solutions brands.

The Company Story

Early in the computer era, the founders of Cooler Master realized that managing the heat output and the cooling needs of computer gear was something that few consumers or computer system owners recognized as significant.

Today that is different, and many understand that any device's lifespan can be improved by smart thermal solutions. Additionally, with the widespread popularity of gaming and advanced computer applications, cooling solutions have become imperative to the well-being of many computer devices, too, and Cooler Master has become involved in this area, as well.

To meet such needs, Cooler Master has been creating the best thermal solutions for more than twenty years. They are a leader in both services and products that resolve any issues related to heating and computer systems. In fact, their stated goals include to enable technology to benefit customers. The continually achieve this goal and are constantly innovating.

The Cooler Master Product Lines

The company has a range of product categories that each meet consumer and business demands. These groupings include:

  • Cooling - Within this group are CPU Air Coolers, CPU Liquid Coolers, Case Fans, Thermal Grease, Accessories and OEM Coolers.
  • Cases - This category includes Full Towers, Mid Towers, Mini Towers, their Mini ITX, Lan Box, Test Benches and accessories.
  • Power Supply - In this grouping are the V Series, V Semi- Modular Series, GM Series, New GX, B Series, Thunder Series and Elite Series.
  • Mobile - Their Mobile solutions include gear for Smartphones, laptops and Ultrabooks, and NotePal equipment.

Interestingly enough, the devices sold by Cooler Master do more than perform at optimal levels. They also provide aesthetic benefits too. For example, some have engine-inspired designs, specialty lighting, and unique artwork.

The current product categories include a range of proprietary designs by the company, and a simple breakdown of the top lines would include:

  • CPU Air Coolers - They offer their V Series that is designed to look like an engine while adding a decorative element to the system; the Hyper Series that is their most popular and is one of the most effective; the GeminII Series offering balanced CPU and motherboard component cooling; the Vortex Series that maximizing cooling in the smallest space possible; the X Dream Series that is a low profile and affordable design; and the Blizzard line.
  • CPU Liquid Coolers - This range includes their Nepton series that is an exclusive design using water cooling to deliver attractive, high performance results; and the Seidon line that is an all in one solution and very compact.
  • Case Fans - Their BC Series is elegant and designed to be a focal point as well as a fan with transparent design and LED lights. The Blade Master series is quiet and provides maximum airflow for premium performance. JetFlo fans are the firm's "performance, style, and silence" model featuring coloured blades and LED accents. MegaFlow are one of their largest with low RPM and noise. The SickleFlow fans operate silently and come in a wide range of colours. The Silencio FP line is as it is named - a silent fan with a great deal of tech. XtraFlo fans use a compact design and create high air flow. And they offer standard fans, as well.

This covers only their cooling units, and they have an immense list of cases and styles as well as their range of power supply options and mobile gear. They also offer chassis and ducting for computers, industrial machinery, telecommunication gear and more.

For more than two decades, Cooler Master has been on the cutting edge of thermal needs for computer operators of all kinds. Their brand is one of the most trusted and comprehensive, with numerous solutions available to any need.

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