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Comvita is a New Zealand based company committed to providing their customers with the very best healthy and natural products possible. The founder, Claude Stratford, did not actually begin the company until he was 63 years old. At that point, he was making a variety of differnt types of bee products, and was actually selling them from the basement of his house. The goal of Stratford and Comvita has been to make natural and safe products that really work. He believed that this was better for the customer, and it was better for the environment as well, and this has always been the vision and the goal of Comvita.

The Company Grows

Though Stratford may have started in his basement, it was inevitable that his company would grow. Within two years, he began working with a business partner, Alan Bougen. Alan had the same idea of using the power of nature to improve the health of their customers. As they started to develop the corporate culture of their business, they developed three core values - caring, curiosity, and courageousness. They want to always care about their peers, employees, and customers, and they want to keep improving their products and the way they do business. They also want to remain courageous enough to think outside of the box and to innovate and make the field better by offering new and better products.

Comvita, a company based on the power of nature, also feels that sustainability is important, and they feel a great respect for the environment. Thus, they are always trying to ensure their products and their actions are environmentally safe. Comvita is dedicated to helping to improve the lives of their customers by improving their health with natural and safe products.

Over the years, they"ve won a number of awards for their products and commitment. They are the winners of the Trailblazer Award for the New Zealand Sustainable Business Challenge, the Supreme Award and the Kauri Award from the Bay of Plenty Sustainable Business Award, and were a finalist for the Export Award.

The company spends time researching and understanding just what types of products and supplements the modern customer could use to become a happier and healthier person. They take that knowledge to innovate and create products from natural ingredients as a means to help those customers to live better.

Products and Ingredients

The message and the ideals of Comvita would mean nothing if they did not have the products and the high quality ingredients to back up what they claim. Fortunately, they do. The company works with a number of quality ingredients, including Manuka honey, olive leaf extract, hunixa, propolis, and more. These ingredients help them to create a range of products able to help customers with a variety of issues. The honey they produce can help with digestion, for example. They have products that can assist with boosting the immune system, provide extra energy, and even items that can help with oral hygiene. Today, the company even offers a line of skincare products.

Continues to Grow

Although the company might not be a household name right now, they are growing, and more and more people are starting to recognize the brand. They sell online through their own site and a number of other online retail sites. The products are becoming popular with people in countries other than New Zealand as well. Many are starting to see the value of these organic and healthy, sustainable items. The quality of their products, combined with their marketing presence and brand growth tactics, are reasons why they are starting to become much more popular around the world.

The company has a large and growing range of products that should be able to appeal to a wide variety of different customers who want to live healthier and who like the idea of using sustainable products and organic products. Since this is a popular movement around the world, it is only a matter of time before Comvita does actually become a household name. The brand continues to research new products, as well, so they can be sure they are staying on the cutting edge of sustainable and practical natural health, which is great for their current and prospective new customers.


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