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Clinique Laboratories is a part of the Estee Lauder Corporation, and they make a range of different skincare and cosmetic products, as well as a variety of fragrances and other toiletries. The beginning of the company really came about almost by happenstance, and it"s quite interesting to see just how far this sub brand has been able to progress and make a name for itself since its inception.

The History of Clinique

The origin of the company actually started when Estee Lauder"s daughter-in-law read an article in Vogue in 1967. The article, written by Carol Phillips and Dr. Norman Orentreich covered the importance of having a good skincare routine for health and beauty. Evelyn showed the article to her father-in-law. Lauder was interested, and actually had Dr. Orentreich and Carol Phillps come aboard to help create the Clinique brand. Just a year later, they launched their first line of products that were "allergy tested and dermatologist driven". Evelyn, who was an executive at the corporation, headed up the brand and was instrumental in the development of the product line.

One other interesting thing for people to know the brand is that Evelyn Lauder was actually the first person to wear the white lab coat that salespeople for the brand continue to wear today.

Clinique was not the first brand to spin off from the Lauder Group. In fact, it was the third brand. The first two were Estee Lauder and Aramis.

What Made Clinique Makeup Different?

Many other brands of makeup and cosmetics were already on the market at this time. However, the thing that really made the brand stand out from the rest was the fact that they specialized in a certain niche of products. Namely, they made cosmetics specifically for women who had allergies and skin conditions. This market was unable to wear most other brands of cosmetics, so when Clinique came onto the scene, they flocked to the products they created.

The cosmetics feature quality ingredients such as mineral oil and sesame oil, and other ingredients that are good for the skin. For example, the mineral oil is able to help the skin to retain moisture, while the sesame oil features antibacterial properties to help keep the skin safe. The company tests and makes sure that all of the ingredients they put into their products are good for the skin, and that they are not going to clog the pores. This helps to keep the skin clear of blemishes. They do not put fragrances in the products, as fragrances can often aggravate allergies.

To ensure their products work and are safe, they test the products thoroughly to be sure it will not cause an allergic reaction in their customers. All of the testing the products go through before they go to market helps to ensure the best possible quality and experience for the customers.

Clinique has built a solid reputation on being the go-to line when it comes to finding makeup for those with allergies. Their brand relies on this reputation, which is why they put so much emphasis on the testing process.

Clinique Medical, a New Line

Clinique Medical was a new line introduced in 2008 and was the result of a partnership with Allergan. One of the biggest differences with this line is that the only way to get it is through a doctor"s office. The line features five products specifically for pre and post op care for the skin. It helps with some of the issues that patients might have, including irritated, discolored, or red skin during the healing process. The line includes cleaners, conditioners, moisturizers and more.

Clinique Today

The brand has products in department stores all around the world today. Many department stores have Clinique counters that offer these cosmetics, as well as advice on basic skincare. They are also starting to offer products for skincare, as well as shaving, for men. Some of the stores that often have Clinique products and counters include Macy"s, Saks Fifth Avenue - where the line actually launched, Bloomingdales, Nieman Markus, Sears, Sephora and SoHo.

The brand has a great reputation today, and they are highly popular. Women who have allergies have a great alternative to traditional makeup, and the company is continually coming out with new and improved lines and options.


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