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As one of the world's most recognizable names in networking equipment and services, Cisco is familiar to the general consumer market as much as it is to industry and business. A public and multinational firm, it is based in San Jose, California and has more than 70,000 employees around the globe. With more than $40 billion in revenue in 2014 alone, it has demonstrated itself to be a quality brand, and its commitment to remaining the lead name in networking has been demonstrated by its long list of acquisitions over the years.


Founded in the 1980s, Cisco got off to a rough start when intellectual copyright and design claims were made against Cisco IOS. Overcoming the challenges, by 1988 the firm was on its way and was such a success that it went public in 1990. The reason for the success was that it was one of the first firms to develop and market network "nodes", but also to sell routers capable of supporting more than a single network protocol. In other words, not only were they keeping up with technology but actually thinking and developing a bit ahead of it.

The '90s began Cisco's era of acquisitions, and in doing so they were able to further refine their designs and offerings. With the technologies they acquired, they began to offer some of the most advanced routing and switching options for home and business needs. They adhered to this pattern of meeting needs and advancing technology throughout the coming years, making GSR routers, faster processing cards and switches and the development of high end hardware and the accompanying software.

Innovating their products, they also innovated their brand by marketing themselves as a human network. This opened the door to consumer products in addition to enterprise focused equipment and services. They have consistently remained at the top of their game and expanded to a global entity. Though there have been some periods of struggle, they are currently positioned as a leader in connectivity as well as data processing and cloud computing applications.

With their ads about the "Internet of everything", Cisco has invested in an array of equipment and systems meant to accelerate the spread of connectivity. Through arrangements with strategic partners they have been able to support startups that will forward their mission and help them to advance their technologies further.

Cited as an award-winning firm for many years, they are recognized for their commitment to their employees as much as a commitment to their industry and products.

The Products of Cisco

With such a diversity of locations and focal areas, it would seem impossible to easily understand the products of Cisco. However, they are easily divided into three basic segments:

  • Small Business - Their dedication to startups makes a small business segment a good fit for Cisco's product line, but these solutions also work for established small businesses too. Today, the main categories include routers and switches, voice and conferencing equipment, wireless access points, security and surveillance (including network and data security), and network storage systems.
  • Home - Just as significant as enterprise and small business, the home user market segment includes their broadband gear (mostly cable modems).
  • Enterprise and Service Provider (Corporate) - The main product categories available to this market include their datacenter and virtualization gear, their borderless networking devices and systems, their collaboration equipment, and their NGN or next generation networks.

The company uses direct sales as well as distributors for its product line, and customers can even utilize the firm's website to build and price entire systems. They remain on the cutting edge of their market segments through in depth studies and market research. For example, a study done of Australian and New Zealand consumers (the first of its kind) demonstrated that most consumers were streaming TV and movies and downloading video rather than watching traditional TV.

The "Connected Consumer" study allowed Cisco to then develop and release routers, modems, and set top boxes that met these needs. This same pattern is repeated in all of their markets and demonstrates the firm's dedication to meeting and exceeding consumer and business expectations.

The true global leader in networking systems and products, Cisco is the "go to" brand for anyone seeking a reliable and advanced product.

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