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Chest Freezers Buying Guide

When you run out of room in your fridge/freezer, or if you need to store food for a growing family, a chest freezer is an affordable solution. Here's what to look for when buying one.

Energy Efficient

Some chest freezers are cheaper to run than others, so check the energy efficiency rating when shopping around. 

Consider The Capacity

It's also important to think about the capacity you need. An empty freezer is more expensive to run that a full freezer, so buying a large model that is far too big for your needs is a waste of money in more ways than one. As a general rule of thumb, up to 300 litres is a good size for one-two people, 300-500 litres would suit a family of three or four, and for more than five people, check out models beyond the 500-litre mark. 

Cool And Quiet

If your chest freezer is going to be used in areas where family members or guests congregate, then ask for models that make minimal running noise. Some are designed to be particularly quiet.

Own An Organized Freezer

Look for a chest freezer with enough baskets and dividers to make food organisation easy.  

Make It Mobile

A chest freezer on robust rollers will make it far easier to move when it's time to spring clean in behind the appliance, or if you move house.

Cooler For Longer

One of the big advantages of a chest freezer is they stay cooler for longer during a power cut. Look for models with high-quality inner-lining materials that prolong this non-powered cooling period even further.

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