Celestron Travel Scope 70mm Reviews

Celestron Travel Scope 70mm
$325.00 from Jacobs Photo & Digital
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Value for money

Celestron 70mm Travel Scope Review

Verdict: I have an Orion XT6 Classic that I enjoy a lot, along with a modest eyepiece collection. One of those eyepieces is a 40mm Plossl for viewing wide expanses of sky at low power. Seeing the double cluster in Perseus or the Pleiades within the eyepiece is breathtaking.
8 years ago
Cloudy Nights

packaged very well

Verdict: present for my husband, beautiful clear sky were we live, so I thought he might enjoy a telescope to see a gift for my husband, we have beautiful clear skies , so I thought a telescope was perfect

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3 months ago


Verdict: Easily carried on a hike or quickly to catch a blue moon. It is very compact yet powerful. Makes great for a camping trip. Gives the kids something to look forward to.

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1 year ago

Excellent Value

Verdict: Included accessories and image quality (for the extremely low cost) makes this an excellent deal. Two different eyepieces, tripod and a really nice carry case. Works great, quite a bargin! Don't forget to order a moon filter. Glass is better then you would expect at this price point.

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2 years ago

Need 3x barlow lens

Verdict: You need buy 3x barlow lens, without barlow product is useless
3 years ago

Great scope to carry around

Verdict: First of all, the tripod is terrible, as expected. An OK tripod will set you back at least as much as this scope, so my expectations were not high on that front. Besides that, everything else about it is great. The form factor is perfect, and can be carried anywhere in any backpack.

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3 years ago
B&H Photo
Verdict: Amazing telescope for the price
3 years ago
Verdict: Good for terrestrial viewing. Excellent return for the price you pay. Tripod of course is a little shaky but then it is meant to fit in your backpack. Overall, it is a good product for casual veiwing.
4 years ago

Good Quality

Verdict: The Terrestrial viewing is good and astronomical viewing and focusing is hard except for moon. Need practice to use it better for astronomy view. The CD provided is good in guiding for night viewing The Tripod and the carry back pack bag is good.
5 years ago
Verdict: The power seeker series is designed to give the first-time telescope user the perfect combination of quality, value, features and power. It features fully coated glass optics with high transmission coatings for enhanced image brightness, contrast and clarity.

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5 years ago

Great for technologically challenged folks like me!

Verdict: I was searching for an inexpensive, easy to use telescope to indulge my fascination with the skies. Celestron Travel Scope has so far lived up to my expectations. It is a little hard to tighten the knobs locking it in place without altering it's position, but otherwise is easy to use.
5 years ago

Excellent Product with Average Accesories

Verdict: I recently purchased this telescope. The product is definitely of better than average quality considering its aperture and focal length but the provided accessories like tripod and prism are not of good quality.
5 years ago
Verdict: Great Product  from Littleton, CO–  This is a great little telscope for the money. The tripod eexpands to full height so you can use it on a table or the floor. The carrying bag is sturdy and versatlle.
5 years ago

Tough Little Scope

Pros: Compact, Easy to Use, Lightweight, Quality Lenses, Strong Construction
Verdict: I carried this scope with its tripod in my hiking backpack all the way down into the Grand Canyon to Phantom Ranch and out again(North Rim to South Rim). This little scope performed very well, and stood up to the rigors of the trip very well.
6 years ago

Very easy to use.

Verdict: My husband and I do a lot of traveling. This will be GREAT to take along with us. I can't wait to go on our next trip. Now that we have this we will have to go back to Yellowstone.
7 years ago

Celestron Travel Scope 70 Rocks

Pros: Compact, Quality Lenses
Cons: Plastic parts, Poor quality tripod, Unstable
Verdict: The scope appears larger than the one shown in the pictures. Build quality is good but the focuser is plastic, to keep the cost low.Optics wise, Celestron never fails. A quick view at the pleiades shows pinpoint stars, more faint stars, even better than my barska 70mm bino.Turning towards the north,...
8 years ago

It is not very good for a beginner

Pros: The stand is very flimsy and the scope well go out of line if you tech it
Cons: I can not see what you booklet shows I should see though the scope
Verdict: Your booklet says that I should be able to see Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, well I have tried but all I'm abe to see is some Brit stars. The stand for the scope is very flimsy and the handle to adjust the vertical and horizontal are very hard to adjust, every time I try to ajust it, it takes it out of...
8 years ago

Less than expected

Verdict: The lenses are good for this telescope, but everthing else...the plastic housing and especially the tripod are very cheap and flimsy. Trying to moderately tighten one aligning screw on the finder scope resulted in stripping the thread, so now it can't be truly aligned at all.
9 years ago
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