Cartier Declaration EDT 150ml Reviews

Cartier Declaration EDT 150ml
$94.99 from Perfume NZ
Manufacturer: Cartier
User Reviews: 


Verdict: ITS MY FAVORITE PERFUME. I'm just waiting for go out to party and use it. Everyone around me loves it like i do. RECOMMENDED!

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2 months ago
Verdict: I bought it for my husband he loves the smell and I would recommend it to all no one can beat overstock price and quality.

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3 months ago

A classic

Verdict: My husband's favourite, a subtle lasting perfume and classy packaging
10 months ago

don't hesitate to buy these,they are great

Verdict: I am quite satisfied with its performance Great Seller!! Awesome Product!! These are wonderful. So pretty and easy to work with. Pretty good. sales and evaluation has been very good so pleased I bought another

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10 months ago

Cartier Declaration

Verdict: This is the sexiest scent I've ever worn. People follow me to ask what it is, it suits me beautifully.

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1 year ago

Very affordable with fresh breezing scent

Pros: Clean & Fresh, Great Smell, Long-Lasting
Cons: Overpowering
Verdict: It is a bit strong at first but smoothly fade out and only powdery and aquatic frangrance ramain after about 1 hour. It doesn't last till afternoon, but still at great value so I don't mind re-spray once.

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2 years ago
Verdict: orange and leather all i feel and i love it very much .very fresh for hot summer days long lasting and very nice bottle.

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2 years ago


Pros: Everyday All Day
Cons: It runs out
Verdict: Declaration by Carrier is an everyday, all day fragrance that consistently turns heads and invokes compliments. It is an inviting, all occasion cologne which distinguishes it's user from the rest of the crowd.

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2 years ago

Great value for the money

Verdict: My husband loves this cologne and it has been difficult to find that is the real thing. My husband tells me that the fragrance is nice but does not stay long on you as others so I am not sure why is this. But the fragrance smells like the bottle bought at Cartier.
3 years ago

Declaration for Men by Cartier fragrance

Verdict: When Cartier comes to mind the adjectives we can associate it with are pricey and glamour. Well, this fragrance has lived to that but let use evaluate the quality. The nose behind the fragrance is Jean-Claude Ellena.

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4 years ago

Great buying experience from Amazon and seller

Verdict: product received as described, very swift delivery, happy with purchase
5 years ago
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