Cartier Declaration D'Un Soir EDT 100ml Reviews

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Manufacturer: Cartier
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Verdict: Superb Geninue product ...
2 years ago

Smell just disapers in 5 mins

Verdict: I did used cartier before but for sure this is not genuine one as other cartier I had fragrance stays atleset for 5-6 hours this one doesn't last at all
2 years ago

So light

Verdict: i tried this perfume as a tester fromthe free duty market and it's awesome, what i liked about it that it's strong and you keep on smelling it on yourself all day long BUT this one is not the same it's LIGHT, it goes off after minutes opposite what I expected.
1 year ago

Very unique but sits close to the skin

Verdict: At first it's smells like a perfume. As it dries you get that spicy peppery rose blend everyone likes. It's unique. For the price very good. But I'm not blown away like some are. It also sits close to the skin on me.
Pros: Great Smell, Not Overpowering, Sensual
1 year ago

Absolutely Incredible. I'm a long fan of this.

Verdict: I have to say that this is utterly intoxicating if you like "Candy-Sweet" fragrances. I receive just about as many compliments from the ladies with this as I do Creed Aventus and Silver Mountain Water. It's a Beast projector, Rose based yes, but not floral and sickly...
3 years ago


Verdict: I absolutely adore this one. It really is enigmatic because I tried it first thinking it was a ladies and completely fell in love with it but then realised it was a man's. I bought some for my partner who also thinks it's sensational so we both now have the benefit of it.
6 years ago

Cartier Declaration D'Un Soir Intense

Verdict: Absolutely stunning long lasting unique fragrance which is well worth every penny...
4 years ago

Let's get naked...

Verdict: ...for Cartier's new Déclaration d'un Soir! This outsandingly well done fragrance is so paradisical beautiful that you only should enjoy it in the state of innocence. The perfumer demonstrates a high level of ability: a wonderful rosy note is so skillfully staged that the question if men should wear...
4 years ago
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