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Caribee Information

Australian company Caribee is one of the most well-known brands in the country. They make a variety of outdoor and travel packs and accessories. The company offers a large and growing range of different styles of pack and gear to help accommodate nearly any imaginable situation. The quality of the packs, along with the aesthetics help to make this company a real standout, and it is no wonder their products are so popular. They offer their goods outside of Australia as well, and they have been gaining favor around the world for quite some time now. The company continually strives to improve their brand by offering the best possible products and service, and those are the other main reasons that the brand is doing well today.

The History of Caribee

In 1956, a company called Clipper International was formed in Australia. They saw that there was quite a bit of potential in the field of outdoor supplies, and they eventually refocused their efforts toward making outdoor consumer products. When they really started to make the push toward the outdoor industry in 1982, they created the brand that many know and love today - Caribee.

Because the market continued to grow, Clipper International was able to keep developing new products with the Caribee brand, and they were able to expand their focus, as well as their office and warehouse. The expansion has made it easier for the company to service more customers and retailers inside and outside of the country, and they even opened up a new headquarters in China. By opening this other facility, they have been able to reach far more customers than they would have been able to do had they kept solely to their Australian facilities.

The origins of the Caribee name are quite interesting as well. The name is actually the same as a type of piranha from South America. At first, one might wonder why a company based in Australia would name itself after a fish from South America. A look at what this fish represents, and it makes clear sense. Even though the fish might be small, it is the dominant species where it lives, and that's just how the company has always thought of themselves. Even though they might not be the biggest company out there, that does not mean they aren't to be taken seriously.

Today, the company creates a wide variety of styles and types of equipment that are perfect for many types of situations. While they tend to focus a large amount of effort on the outdoor equipment and packs, they also have a range of products perfect for the urban and school environment.

The company puts a huge emphasis on design. They want to have a good blend of form and function, so the items they create are actually useful and stylish. By following some trends and setting other trends, they are successful in creating a number of popular lines of products. Innovation is important, and they want to provide their customers with the best possible quality for their money.

Types of Products from Caribee

The company makes products that fall into several categories - travel, hydration, daypacks, camping & outdoor, and accessories. They offer items such as travel organizers, waist packs, adapters, dry shells, rucksacks, coolers, sleeping bags, tents, travel chairs, hydration packs, luggage sets, gear bags, and much more. This is just a partial list of the variety of equipment offered through Caribee. The company continually adds new items to their lines as well so they can keep up with the changing trends and the growing needs of their customers. Fans of the products that come from Caribee enjoy the durability and the quality of the items, as well as the price for what they are getting.

The brand has been popular in Australia for a number of years, but that popularity is not confined to the land down under. Caribee is a beloved brand in many countries, and their popularity seems to continue to grow. As the brand expands, they are bringing quality gear and packs to many more customers around the world, and this means even more brand recognition for them.


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