Canon EOS 800D

Canon EOS 800D
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Product Description

At 6 frames per second, the Canon EOS 800D is one of the nicest cameras to own. You’ll find that this small little camera packs a lot of great features behind its lens. So, let’s see what some of them are and how you can leverage the most out of yours.

Your photos will look magnificent thanks to the Canon EOS 800D’s 24.2MP sensor. The great aspect about this is that even photographs taken at moderately high speed, will still be captured as if they were professionally taken. We’re talking about a 0.03 second focus speed when utilising the very-angle screen (the fastest in the world). Imagine the quality of your shots!

The very-angle screen also has other functions that allow you to take shots from various angles & perspectives. The camera comes with all the lenses you would need as fundamental tools of your trade. So, if you’re the kind of photographer who wants a camera that reacts as quickly as you do, then this is definitely a camera you’ll love.

There’s also a movie making feature on the Canon EOS 800D. Record high quality videos and share them via your camera’s Bluetooth or WiFi functions. You won’t find much to criticise on this camera. It’s easy to use, has loads of great features, and keep your photography career or hobby up to date for years to come.

Product Reviews


  • External microphone jack
  • Speedy autofocus
  • Wi-fi
  • Good image quality

Product Specifications

Camera Type
  • Camera type
    Digital SLR 
  • Resolution
    24 MP
    Top 10%
  • Image stabilizer
    Lens based only 
  • Light sensitivity
    100 - 25,600 ISO 
  • Max image resolution
    6000x4000 pixels
  • Optical sensor
  • Shutter speed
    30-1/4000 s
  • Still image format
    JPEG, RAW 
  • LCD screen size
  • Flash type
    Built-in and external 
  • Video capture
    With Video capture 
  • Video quality
    59.94 fps
  • Video resolution
    1920x1080 pixels
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Wireless network
  • Battery type
  • Colour
Physical Specs
  • Height
    9.99 cm
  • Width
    13.10 cm
  • Depth
    7.62 cm
  • Weight
    530 g
Product info
  • List date PriceMe
    15 February 2017