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For more than 65 years the name Bushnell has been associated with the highest quality and highest performing sports optics. Making affordable equipment suited to nature study, fishing, hunting, birdwatching, stargazing, and spectator sports, the firm has shown persistent dedication to meeting the needs of the consumer market.

The History of Bushnell

It began with David P. Bushnell who was a truly colourful character. A student of engineering during the early 1930s, he dropped out of college to travel around the world. Upon his return, he completed a business degree and opened an import and export business. Specializing in nothing, and handling a wide array of materials (from cement and shoes to asbestos), he ended up working for the Lockheed firm during World War II.

After the war, he married and travelled to Japan during his honeymoon. There he was able to acquire a large number of binoculars that he was able to sell back in the U.S. With that deal, he actually made high quality binoculars available for middle-class prices for the very first time.

What started as a venture in marketing the first affordable binoculars quickly expanded into a full-blown optical business. Essentially, Bushnell was among the first to innovate by ordering his custom-made optics from overseas manufacturers and then selling them to the various marketing segments in the U.S. who needed them.

After the success of the binoculars, he began acquiring and selling scopes for rifles and telescopes too. The company quickly earned a reputation for both quality and affordability, providing excellent equipment for use in almost all settings. Even the early American space program had a set of Bushnell binoculars onboard during a mission.

The Bushnell Products

As market demands have changed, the Bushnell line of products has risen to the challenge. Today their market segments include:

  • Hunting
  • Tactical
  • Wildlife
  • Spectator
  • Golf

Within those headings, though, is found an even longer list of products that include:

  • Binoculars - Lines include Elite, Legend, Excursion, Trophy, Legacy, Marine, Off Trail, Natureview, Spectator, PermaFocus, Powerview, and H2O
  • Riflescopes - Lines include Elite, Legend, Trophy, Rimfire, Banner, Yardage, and AR Optics
  • Trail cameras
  • Spotting scopes - Lines include the Elite, Legend, Spacemaster, Trophy, Natureview, Sentry, Sportview, and adapters or tripods
  • GPS
  • Laser Rangefinders
  • Outdoor technology - Includes night vision, surveillance cams, telescopes, speed guns and more

Having a lead share in all of the sports optics categories, the firm has not sat on its laurels but has continually innovated. They are the proud winners of many industry awards and honours, their expansion into such unique product lines as GPS and surveillance demonstrate their eagerness to remain in tune with any emerging technology.

They have also made a point of acquiring the technologies and brands that were in direct competition with them. This too has allowed them to keep some of the most premium optics within a remarkably affordable range. A long list of recognizable or lesser known brands are now affiliated with or directly under the Bushnell name. They include Simmons Optics, Bolle, Browning Sports Optics, Primos, Tasco and Serengeti, among many more. Additionally, Bushnell has branched out into a line of footwear as well.

Dedication to Service

In addition to remaining so firmly dedicated to creating premium products, they are also committed to customer service. Not a direct retailer, consumers will purchase the Bushnell products through a range of retail partners. They rely on "ambassadors" who are sports and field experts to test and refine all of the equipment, and this has helped to continually expand their audience.

With more than thirty brand names associated with Bushnell, it does have a hand in almost all sports optics needs. The company is the direct result of a desire to provide premium optics at the most affordable pricing possible. This is a policy that has remained strong to today. With some of the best equipment available, outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds turn to Bushnell to meet their needs, but so too do those attending shows and theatre productions, watching the stars and more.

When you require specialty optics with a proven guarantee for quality and durability, turn to the Bushnell name for the best results.


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