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Located in Nagoya, Japan, Brother is an electronics company that makes a variety of different products for homes and businesses alike. The company has a very good reputation for making quality products, and this transcends the various types of equipment they make. Whether it is a sewing machine or a printer, people have come to trust in the name and the brand behind it.

From Sewing Machines to Printers: The History of Brother

The company has been around since 1908, although it had a different name at the time. Originally, the name of the company was Yasui Sewing Machine Co., and it was not until 1954 that they established Brother International Corporation in the United States as their first sales affiliate. Just four years later, they established a company in Dublin for regional sales in Europe. The company changed their corporate name to Brother Industries Ltd., but this did not occur until 1962.

The first items the company exported were sewing machines, as this was their focus for a number of years. They began shipping them out of Japan in 1947. Seven years later, they began to expand their business and started to get into other areas, including knitting machines and appliances for the home. They continued to branch out into other areas and started to look at business machines and machine tools in the early 1960s.

One of the first quality printers from Brother launched in 1971. It was a high-speed dot matrix printer. They also began making typewriters and electric typewriters. In fact, they were the official suppliers at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. Over the years, they抳e worked on a variety of other types of equipment as well, including printers of all types and sizes, fax machines, and label printers.

Today, they have facilities in 44 countries around the world for manufacturing and shipping their products. They continue to grow all the time and add onto their number of facilities in Japan and other parts of Asia, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The company is still doing well, with more than $5 billion in sales annually. Part of that is because they are working in a number of fields rather than just a single specialty area. They also offer products for businesses as well as products for home use, so they can market to and appeal to a large segment of the population.

The Brand Diversity

One of the interesting things about the Brother brand is that they keep the same name and essentially the same branding and message for their different products, even though they are vastly different. They have a reputation for making high quality, feature rich sewing machines and embroidery machines, for example. Their division that makes and sells these items makes a substantial amount of money each year. They抳e firmly established that they are one of the dominant companies in the field. The machines are so popular that they actually recently opened yet another sewing machine factory. The latest factory is in Vietnam. This is the largest sewing machine factory making machines for a single brand in the entire world. Thus far, Brother has made more than 50 million home sewing machines, and they are still making them and selling them at rapid rates.

While it's true that they are a dominant brand in the field of sewing machines, they are also a powerful brand in the field of printers, and they continue to prove this with good sales and with new products. They create printers for businesses and home use alike. Even though these products, sewing machines and printers are vastly different in terms of the buyers, the company is still able to use their brand power to sell plenty of these machines. People see the name Brother and they know they are getting a quality machine that should be durable and that should simply work as soon as they set it up.

The trust that people have in the brand did not happen overnight, naturally. As with all brands, Brother had to earn and build this trust with their customers. Their dedication to those customers is a testament to what proper branding can actually do for a company.


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★★★★★ 2.0
5 Jul 2017
Rolf Liechti
Uses a ridiculous amount of tape either side of printing!
Uses a ridiculous amount of tape either side of printing!
★★★★★ 3.0
25 Mar 2012
Does the job but is very noisy and a high pitched noise after copy is made before sleep mode
Disappointed compared to the brother 7420. I thought I was upgrading but feel a bit ripped off. Also the toner indicates low and we have only had the printer since Nov. In a domestic situation. I woul...

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