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A brand belonging to the Lumi Legend Corporation, Brateck is their comprehensive line of home and small business audio and video mounts. Specifically created for the home market, they offer a diverse range of easy to install brackets that will allow you to enjoy style, function, and convenience.

The range of options is very extensive, and currently includes:

  • Flat Panel TV - Brateck mounts include Wall Mounts, Curved TV Mounts, Motorized Mounts, Stands and Furniture, TV Carts, Adaptors, and Starter Kits. The series available in wall mounts include their proprietary designs such as the KM20 Series, LCD-14 Series, the DVD 20/22 Series, the Project Screen Budget Electric, the PLB M03 Series, MA4 Series, LDA15 Series, LP34 Series, LCD-101G/102G/103G and 1010 Series, LP43 Series, AVM Series, PA 9 Series, KL20 Series, LDA20 Series, LPA39 Series, PT 5 Series, LDA06 Series, LPA13-N Series, LPA19 Series, and LP41 Series. Many of these systems can be painted to ensure they are discreet and coordinate with the decor. Motorized mounts include their PLB M03 and PLB M04 series. This category also features the ceilings mounts that include the LCD-CM Series, LCD 50 Series, the PLB CE9 Series and the LDA05 Series.
  • Monitor - The mounts for monitors include Desk Mounts and Touch Screen Stand Adaptors. Desk mounts feature their ET01 Series, PAD17 Series, LDT02 Series, LDT05 Series, MD2 Series, LCD T10 Series, LDT 06 Series, and LDT 05 Series. Some of these series are also able to be painted for concealment or to coordinate with furnishings. Touch Screen Stands are limited to their LCD-S series.
  • Tablet - The firm manufactures specialty mounts for Tablets, as well as screen cleaning gear. Multiple series of tablet mounts exist as well, including their PAD17 Series, PH7 Series, PAD20 Series, PAD24 Series, PH9 Series, PAD4 Series, PAD A/B Series, PAD V Series, PAD12 Series, PH 8 Series, PAD 21 Series, PAD22 Series, PAD4 Series, and PAD 15 Series. The functions of the various designs include bicycle mounts, dashboard mounts, and display mounts as well as desktop functions.
  • Projector - Both Projection Screen and Projector Mounts are available. The projection screen mounts include an array that is a blend of budget, folding, electrical and others. The current series available include: Projection Screen Budget Electric, Projection Screen Aluminium Auto-manual, Fast Folding Projection, Projection Screen Standard Electric, Projection Screen Deluxe Auto-manual, Projection Screen Standard Auto Manual, Deluxe Electric Projection, Deluxe Fixed Frame, Budget Portable Tripod, and Projection Screen Aluminium. The projector mounts are fairly limited with the EPB Series, PRB 18 Series, PRB 11 Series, PRB 16 Series, and the PRB Series as the most popular. The TS Series is also available.
  • Speaker - To ensure home theatre sound is of the utmost quality, the brand makes Mounts and Stands. The speaker mount stands include a series designed for Sonos that are paintable, the SB 31 series for home use, and the SB series for professional applications. The stands include the series for Sonos as well as the BS/SS series and the BS-03 series
  • AV Components - Brateck also offers specialized mounts for these "other" items. Applicable in an array of settings, the AV component mounts include the streamlined DVD 20 and 22 series, the sleek 23 series, the efficient DVD 29 series that includes shelves and is paintable and the DVD 27 series that is a bit smaller but also features shelves and is paintable.
  • CCTV Camera Mounts
  • Microwave Mounts
  • Accessories - The Brateck range also features accessories that are very useful with any mounting operations, including screen cleaners, cable management systems, IR repeater, stud finders, HDMI cables, display stands, and Apple TV mounts.

This listing represents a huge array of styles and designs, but it is important to note that any of the Brateck mounts will feature innovations made to ensure the most effective use.

For example, wall mounts are available as full motion, telescopic, and paintable designs. They offer security and stability, and yet do not interfere with the devices in any way. Whether you turn to Brateck to secure your tablet to your dashboard for easier, hands free navigation or you turn to their portable projection screens for fun video displays outdoors, you can guarantee that they are sturdy, durable, and made to last.

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