Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Extreme EDT 50ml Reviews

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Manufacturer: Bottega Veneta
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Verdict: Who's standing there in the woods all still and dumb A Bottega Veneta that rubs itself against a conifer with its leathery, woody character and smells of light resin notes. BV fragrances are so unmistakable in the fragrance landscape as nothing else.
7 months ago

Gorgeous sophisticated

Verdict: Bought this for my husband after he liked the smell of the Womens, Bottega Veneta I wear. He loves it and has so many people ask him what the aftershave he was wearing was.
5 years ago

Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Extreme EDT 50ml

Verdict: I have a 3ml decant of this fragrance. My initial impression was that this is the ultimate "generic perfume" smell. It starts out strong - a blast of chemicals that assaults the nose. The opening smells as if you mixed a dozen men's and women's perfumes together and sprayed the room with it.
6 months ago

This is the modern world

Verdict: Smell - leathery, like a new sofa. Hint of pine tree. Yeah, like a new sofa beside a Christmas tree. Projection - about right. Longevity - good. Bottle design - bit boring. Geezer factor. 6/10. Ok, so you wouldn't be seen dead wearing a Bottega Veneta harrington jacket. And neither would I!
4 years ago

The closer you are the better this works.

Verdict: I've used this product set before. I love the fresh all-day scent and quality of the aftershave.I use is on my face and my head, which too is shaved. Very refreshing and classy. the bottle has a great atomizer so you can get good coverage with less product.
2 years ago

Great product

Verdict: My husband doesn't wear perfume but this product is is not sensitive to his skin and has a nice subtle smell.
1 year ago
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