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Bosch is a German multinational that works in a variety of different fields and that produces many different types of products. They are currently the largest supplier of automotive components, but they are also makers of many popular household appliances. The company, like so many technological companies, actually has a start that goes further back than many people might realize. Bosch has a long and interesting history.

Bosch in the Beginning

Robert Bosch founded the company in Stuttgart in 1886. He opened the Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering. A year after they opened, they put out the first low voltage magneto for gas engines. They created the first low voltage magneto ignition for internal combustion engines a decade later. By 1901, they had opened their first plant in the city.

Over the years, they created a variety of interesting products that helped them to expand their business and their reputation. They created the first high-voltage spark plug that was actually commercially viable, and they were the company that started the eight-hour workday. They began producing other elements for autos as well, including headlights in 1913. The company developed windshield wipers, a television set in 1927, power drills, and more. They worked on audio for vehicles, and much more through the years.

Even though they had a strong brand, they thought that they would need to rebrand themselves for the new century. In 2002, they came out with a new logo. They embraced the changes that the century brought, and one of the products they pioneered in this era was the digital car radio with an MP3 drive in 2003. During the 2000s, they also made a number of acquisitions, including Buderus AG, Health Hero Network, Telex Communications, Akustica, and SPX Service Solutions.

What Does Bosch Make?

The main products that come from Bosch include their automotive products and components. Namely, brakes, electronics and fuel systems, generators, starter motors, steering systems, and electrical drives. They also offer a number of industrial products and building products. They have divisions that work on power tools, household appliances, security systems and much more. The business, and all of the more than 350 subsidiary companies that are a part of the conglomerate, cover all types of different fields.

While most of the profit for Bosch comes from their automotive products ?60% in fact ?they also produce many types of industrial technology. They create pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric machinery for a number of industries and purposes. They offer machinery that can help to control and drive different types of machines. They offer machines and tech for packaging, mining, the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry and so much more.

When it comes to consumer goods, they offer power tools and many types of household products. They actually started a joint venture with Siemens in order to provide a bigger and better variety of quality products to consumers. The power tools they offer are very popular.

One of the companies that Bosch bought in 2001, Detection Systems, helped them to get into the field of security systems for homes and businesses. The acquisition of Phillips Communication and Security, Inc., and Extreme CCTV helped with this and to allow them to expand their offerings to customers.

Some may remember that Bosch actually offered mobile phones for a very short time in the 1990s. They released just a handful of different phones from 1996 to 1999. People who had the phones enjoyed them, but they did not prove to be as popular as Bosch had hoped, so they got out of the market.

The company has the highest number of patents in the German Patent and Trademark Office as well, showing that they really are a company that wants to innovate. Currently, they have more than 3,200 patents filed with the office. Their subsidiaries are in 60 different countries around the world, and they sell their products in more than 150 countries around the world today. They employ more than 300,000 people around the world, with many of them being from Germany.

People know and trust the Bosch name and brand for all of their different products, and it continues to be one of the strongest businesses operating in the world.

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