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BODUM, or Bodum Inc., is a kitchenware and tableware company from Switzerland that has been quite popular in Europe for more than 70 years now. They've grown and changed quite a bit since the early days of the company, and they've started to become a powerful and known brand outside of Europe in that time as well.

When and Where Did BODUM Begin?

More than seven decades ago, all the way back in 1944, Peter Bodum created the company. At this time, the company was in Copenhagen, Denmark. It remained in Denmark for more than thirty years before finally heading to Switzerland. The founder had a very basic, but very important principle in mind when developing the company and their products. He believed that form should follow function. He wanted to make sure that the products he and the company created worked first and foremost. After that, it would be possible to create an aesthetically pleasing form factor.

The aesthetics of the products, which have a decidedly Scandinavian feel, have proven to be very popular with customers. The company did not introduce their first product until 1958. It was the SANTOS vacuum coffeemaker. The design and the function of the device matched one another perfectly, and this helped to propel the company to the spotlight very quickly. In fact, it became one of the most popular coffeemakers on the market for the rest of the 50s on through the 60s and 70s.

In the 1970s, the company created another product that would prove to be very popular, and perhaps the most popular item to come from their company. Called BISTRO, their French press was an instant hit. Many people came to associate the brand with the French press coffeemaker. This came out in 1974, which was the same year the founder's son took over as the company's CEO. Just four years later, they made the move to relocate to Switzerland.

By 1980, they had started up a team of designers who worked in house, called Pi-Design AG. The design team includes more than just designers though. It also includes engineers, architects, and graphic designers - the entire package.

The 80s also saw the company really start to expand, with their first shop opening up in London. They developed the ASSAM teapot in 1991 for the British Tea Council, and then they moved into other types of household electronics. Still, they kept mainly to products that would be useful in the kitchen, such as coffee grinders and juicers, products that complemented the other offerings they had on the market already.

The company kept on growing and started to buy up other companies, including ORDNING & REDA, which had shops in more than 15 countries. Those shops sold items such as stationary, pens, and accessories, not the typical BODUM items. In 2010, they introduced a line called e-BODUM. The products in this line were electronic kitchen tools, and they featured a very modern and sleek look. They also came in a number of different colors, which customers enjoyed, as it allowed them to match their kitchen and appliances more easily.

The Company Today

BODUM continues to do quite well. They've sold more than 100 million of their famous French presses, and more than 30 million of their specialized teapots. The company has a number of other products that continue to sell quite well too. They have grown to become one of the top housewares brands in the world, and they have distribution in 55 countries around the world. They also have 20 of their own shops around the world and many other in-store shops.

BODUM remains a family business, and the son's founder, Jorgan Bodum, is still in charge of the company. A number of things have helped this brand to become as popular as it is and to grow as a brand. Chiefly, the quality of the products stands out compared with so many of the other products on the market. In addition, they have been growing their brand for more than 70 years now, and they've always been able to keep a good reputation. The original vision of form working together with function really helped to keep them on top of the market.


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