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A parent's job is to protect their children, and so it is only natural that most parents would want to put some sort of foot covering (shoes, socks, etc.) over a baby's feet. However, a lot of parents have never asked themselves just what the best sort of foot covering might be.

Chris Bennett confronted this very issue when his young daughter's little shoes kept falling off all of the time. He tried to determine a way of keeping the nine-month-old infant's feet protected, but without putting some sort of heavy and cumbersome shoe and strap configuration on her tiny leg. What he came up with was a soft-soled shoe with a gentle elastic at the ankle.

So many other parents raved about this invention that Chris and his wife decided to create and sell them from a small stall in an open market in Auckland. Their stall was setup in the Victoria Park craft market, and two hours later it had to close because the young parents had sold all of the shoes they had made!

Naturally, this impressed them greatly, and they decided to setup a workshop at home and begin cranking out as many pairs as possible to meet the needs of the many eager to buy parents. They built on this success and by the early 2000s, the couple had created their Bobux brand and were exporting most of the shoes they produced.

The Bobux Difference

When the Bennetts began to get very serious about their product, they turned to experts to be sure they were offering the ideal solution. What they discovered was profound. Essentially, they learned that "barefoot is best" for most growing feet, and so the protective coverings worn over young and developing feet should be radically different from the shoes that adult feet choose.

In fact, the Bobux line reflects the different stages that children's feet pass through and gives them the closest thing to barefoot possible. Their motto is: "We believe in supporting the natural development of a child's foot so they are free to grow and develop healthy feet for life."

To help customers make the healthiest decisions, the company provides shoes based on children's different development stages/ages and places a strong emphasis on choosing the right fit or size.

Their different categories are:

* Soft soles - These are "indoor wear" for developing feet. They have easy and natural flexibility, and are designed to mold and mimic the wearer's natural foot shape. They have grip soles for safety while crawling or first steps in walking. And use quality leather in colorful patterns that are like "mobiles on the end of [babies] legs".

* New-b - Also referred to as natural cocoon styles, they are light in weight, breathable, and crafted of 100% soft leather. They fit like a cocoon and are meant to promote natural development, ultimate comfort, and yet protect the foot.

* Step Up - These are "first walkers" and are ideal for kids beginning to toddle, as well as walk. They offer the same flexible leather uppers that the earlier models provide, and which ensure unrestricted development of the entire foot. However, they have full rubber soles that conform to the natural anatomical shape of the foot, flex easily, and yet grip and support early steps.

* i-Walk - These are for "confident walkers" and offer the same benefits as the first walkers but also feature the i-Walk sole with "multiple flex points and notches around the ball of the foot. This ensures ongoing flexibility in the flex zone to accommodate growing feet." (, 2014)

The range of shoes is meant to provide children with "healthy feet for life" based on the use of footwear that evolves along with the child's development.

The experts at Bobux divided this period of time into four major categories and have designed the shoes along such lines. As identified above, they see children as first lying around, then crawling, then attempting to stand and walk, and finally confidently moving and running. The shoes they offer are meant to transition children through such phases while never inhibiting or harming foot development, balance, and coordination.

Sold throughout the world, but with websites based in the U.S. and Australia, the Bobux brand is innovative and thoughtful. It is made to appeal to parents and to be a delight to the children who wear them as they grow.

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