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BenQ W1210ST
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BenQ W1210ST review: a clever projector for PC and console gamers

Verdict: The BenQ W1210ST is a £900 projector designed for gamers, boasting features that minimise input lag and boost contrast. This is also a short throw projector, meaning it can produce a sizeable image at a distance of only one or two metres.

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1 year ago

BenQ W1210ST short-throw gaming projector

Pros: Easy to setup, Great configurability, Solid build quality, Fast Mode genuinely works, Big-screen fun
Cons: Images still look a little flat
Verdict: The price of big-screen LCD TVs has dropped dramatically in recent years. It's now eminently possible to buy a 50in, 1080p TV for £300 or so, and even stepping up to a 4K resolution is possible for under £500. It's with this backdrop that projectors have their work cut out.

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1 year ago

BenQ W1210ST short-throw gaming projector

Verdict: I've always loved the idea of a projector. There's an idealised version of my living room where I have a projector setup instead of my television, beaming high-quality images onto a lovely spacious wall so I can watch movies at cinema quality, and enjoy games rendered in crisp HD, 100 inches across.

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1 year ago
Pros: Affordable, easy to set up, excellent quality for the price, portable, short throw distance, responsive for gamers
Cons: Built-in speakers only fair, no 4K or HDR
Verdict: Whether you want to set up a home theatre for the first time or plug in a projector on the coffee table at the spur of the moment, the BenQ W1210ST can suit both use cases. This is helped by the fact the projector is really easy to set up and it offers great quality and value.
1 year ago

BenQ W1210ST

Pros: Superbly low input lag, Good contrast and colour, Strong movie performance
Cons: Slight noise in dark movie scenes, Some black crush in the best all-round lamp setting, Minor DLP rainbowing
Verdict: The W1210ST is a Full HD DLP projector with a short-throw lens and a mode with an ultra-low input lag that BenQ believes makes it ideal for gaming. And you know what? Having spent far more time gaming on the W1210ST than I could ever reasonably excuse as "work", I think BenQ has a point.

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2 years ago

A cracking piece of kit

Verdict: Purchased this bad boy from the Glasgow store as the latest addition to the home cinema. Ordered one day and delivered the next. Sadly, the first one had to go back as there was something inside the lens that was causing "blotches" on the projected image.

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3 months ago

Improved in every way from the previous generations

Verdict: This is my 3rd BenQ projector in as many years - not because they've broken or have let me down, but because of my changing needs I upgrade yearly. BenQ is a brand I trust above all others, and whose picture quality is unparalleled at this price point.

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1 year ago
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