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When people think of Turkey in the 1950s they don't often envision a time of industrialization and product innovation, but that is precisely the era in which the modern appliance maker Beko emerged. From its very beginnings it embraced a corporate motto or mission that remains today - "Being a World Brand". With a presence in more than 100 different countries and an estimated 280 million consumer clients in the world, Beko has certainly shaped itself as a brand known around the world.

Perhaps to foster that sense of a global firm, it has been the official sponsor of the basketball leagues of Turkey, Germany, Italy and Lithuania and also of the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup. It is a sponsor of the FC Barcelona football team, as well as its home country's Bestikas JK Turkish football team.

An established presence in the world market, as well as in world sports, it has a humble beginning that seems even a bit improbable in today's markets.

A Brief History of Beko

The company name comes from the first two letters of the founding partners, Vehbi Koc and the firm known as Bejarano. Initially, the firm struggled to even continue in existence, and it went from being a canning operation to the distributor of General Electric bulbs throughout the region. Things changed quickly during this era, and soon the company renamed itself Beko Ticaret A.S. and worked to create a dealership system (the first of its kind in Turkey). This was a success, and the company then began delivering Arcelik bran products to homes throughout Turkey.

In 1977, the company then changed again and gave its Arcelik distribution rights to another firm, and six years later was in Turkey's "white goods" market, emerging as a leader. Less than ten years after that Beko went international.

Interestingly enough, things came full-circle in 2000 when the Beko brand became part of the Arcelik A.A. brand and soon emerged as a leading name in household appliances.

Beko Product Solutions

As a premium brand, Beko is known today for its kitchen solutions as well as its laundry solutions. These range from cooking, cooking and cleaning to washing machines and tumble dryers.

A brief look at the lineup available through Beko (but perhaps not in all markets) would cover:

  • Kitchen cooling - Their "smart" refrigerators use active dual cooling in the fridge and freezer compartments to create optimal humidity, prolong shelf life of foods and maintain optimal condition. They are a true innovator with their multizone compartment (adjustable to become a fridge or a freezer at the touch of a button), active fresh blue light to limit photosynthesis and preserve food, rapid freezing compartment, FreshStore zones, antibacterial handles, A+ energy usage, odour filtration, ionizers for anti-bacterial surfaces, and antibacterial door seals.
  • Cooking - Proud of their "green credentials", Beko's cooking solutions use 40% less energy than competitors. They currently offer free-standing as well as built in ovens, automated cooking guides, a pre-heating booster, and a larger capacity than other models on the market.
  • Kitchen cleaning - Dishwashers with a tremendous range of technology ensure that dishes and pans are clean and bacteria free. Their latest models offer SteamGloss drying, A+++ energy efficiency, a 58 minute cycle, fan drying, a tablet dispenser button, eight programs, and some models with ten functions.
  • Washing machines - A+++ efficiency means that water an energy consumption are minimized, a 9kg capacity, Aquafusion technology that cuts down on soap and water, Hi-tech Heater, detergent compartment, XL doors, and up to 16 programs.
  • Tumble dryers - With their equally high efficiency, the Beko dryers use 60% less energy than competitors, the Dry&Save Technology is a closed loop system able to remove humidity and use lower temperatures, FlexySense sensor drying to cut down on waste, 8kg loads, larger doors, and up to 16 programs.

A thoroughly modern firm with origins in the 1950s, it is one of the most trusted in household appliances, and has every intention of remaining that way.

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24 Jul 2021

I have surprised !
Omg this is just an amazing fridge, quiet and energy efficient.

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