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Bags & Filters Buying Guide

To bag, or not to bag? When it comes to vacuum cleaners, you have a large choice between bag and bagless varieties, and just as big a choice of bags and filters to go in them. Here's what to keep in mind when choosing those bags or filters for your current vacuum cleaner, or for a potential purchase in the near future.

Easy to install and replace

Whether you're using bags in a bag vacuum cleaner, or a filter in a bagless machine, ease of installation and replacement is a big consideration. Not only does this make the task of installing or replacing easier for you, but it also maximises the performance of your vacuum cleaner because everything is properly in its place. If a bag or filter isn't exactly where it should be in the vacuum cleaner, then dust and allergens could be released back into the atmosphere.

Eco-friendly bags

If you're keen to care for your worldwide environment while cleaning your home environment, you can buy environmentally friendly paper dust bags for some models of vacuum cleaner. Vac-pac is one company with a range of paper bags that are biodegradable, and consume less energy while they're being manufactured. The down side is that these paper bags are generally 2 to 3 ply, in comparison to their 5 ply Microply cloth bags which are able to capture finer dust particles thanks to a greater number of layers.

Consider cloth bags

Cloth dust bags such as Vac-pac Microply not only have the advantage of extra layers. Their flexibility allows them to adapt to the space inside a vacuum cleaner so the overall fit is better, while the air flow through the material allows for better suction over a longer period of time.

A filter for an allergy sufferer?

Bagless vacuum cleaners rely on filters to stop minute particles being released back into the air after they've been sucked up into the machine. Obviously, the cleaner the air the better it is for allergy sufferers, but the choice of filter plays a big part. The better the filter, the more dust it traps inside the vacuum cleaner.

What does HEPA filter mean?

HEPA filter stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air filter, capable of removing a minimum of 99.7% of airborne particles of 0.3 microns or larger. Whether you're an allergy sufferer or not, this sort of performance promises a cleaner and healthier environment within a home, so the HEPA standard is something worth looking for.

Look for a true (certified) HEPA filter

Not all is as it seems when it comes to HEPA filters, however. Some filters are branded as "HEPA like", "HEPA style" or similar. In other words, close but not close enough. A true and certified HEPA filter should have a serial number on it to confirm its authenticity, or double check with the retailer that you're buying the real deal. You may pay more for a certified HEPA filter, but its performance makes this extra cost well worth it.

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