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Asko, sometimes called Asko Cylinda or Asko Appliances AB is a company from Sweden that specializes in creating a range of different types of household appliances. Some of the types of products the company makes today include washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators. The company headquarters are in Jung in Sweden. They export their products under the Asko name to countries around the world. In the United States, the only items they import are dishwashers and laundry machines. The products Asko makes are high quality and considered high-end as well. The main competitors for the company include Bosch, Viking Range, and Kitchen Aid.

The History of the Company

Asko started in 1950 when Karl-Erik Andersson created the company. He was a farmer and something of an inventor. He wanted to build a different type of washing machine for his mother to use, and he wanted for it to be different and better than the other machines on the market. He wanted the machine to be water efficient, as well as energy efficient. The machine needed to be reliable, able to clean well, and it needed to heat water, spin, and be highly durable. He set to work to create his machine, and the results were better and more impressive than even he had imagined they would be.

Since the machine turned out so well, he decided that he wanted to manufacture and sell the machines to the public. He created a manufacturing facility and an engineering facility on the family farm, and from those rather modest beginnings was born Asko, although it did not have that name yet. At that point, it was still Junga Verkstader. The company has actually undergone a number of name changes over the years. They became Asea Cylinda in 1978 when Asea acquired the company, and then they became ABB Cylinda when Asea merged with Brown Boveri Corporation. Asko, a furniture manufacturer from Finland bought the company in 1988, and that was when it took on the name that so many people know today.

In 2000, the Antonio Merloni Group from Italy bought the company, and then in 2010, Gorenje Group acquired Asko Appliances.

The Products

By 1965, the company was making fully automatic front loading washing machines, and they started to make compact dishwashers. They began to export their products in 1967. 1970 saw the introduction of the floor standing dishwasher, and five years later the company introduced the tumble dryer. Over the years, they continued to make a range of high quality and diverse equipment, always striving to innovate and to stay just a step ahead of the cutting edge.

Style Matters

One of the things that help to set the company apart from many others around the world is their aesthetic style. They have definite Scandinavian design in their products, and they keep things as simple as possible while still adding just the right amount of stylistic flair. They want to make sure the ergonomics and the function of the machine is just as high quality as well. The company uses high quality parts and components in their machines, which raises the quality and puts them into the upscale category. The company has actually won a number of awards for their design. They were the Platinum Award Winner for ADEX, and received a Design Distinction Award from I.D. Magazine.

The Brand Is Stronger Than Ever

Because they choose to use the best quality parts, it helps to ensure longevity and durability in their machines. Asko remains environmentally conscious as well, and they create products that are energy and water efficient. They continue to strive to please their customers with the appliances they offer, and that has helped the brand to become as popular as it is.

The Asko brand is still going very strong today, and they are one of the top international brands when it comes to washers, dryers, and dishwashers. They have countless happy customers who love the quality of the products, the look of the products, and their efficiency. The brand has a great reputation and they are one of the companies that most people first consider when they are getting new appliances.


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