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If you follow modern corporations as they develop it can feel a bit like a tennis match, as developing technologies force ownership of a business or division of a company to bounce from one place to another. So it can seem when taking a brief look at the brand known as Alcatel.

Its origins date back to the late 1800s when it was one of a few fledgling electrical firms. It would eventually take the name Alcatel and begin to shape the modern telecommunications industry. By 2004 it was ready to partner with TCL to create a division of mobile phones known as Alcatel Mobile Phones.

In less than a year, however, Alcatel would sell its holdings in the cell phone company to TCL (its partner in the venture), and from there Alcatel Mobile Phones would take off on its own.

Alcatel Today

As a subsidiary of TCL (currently one of the largest consumer electronics firms in the world), it is part of a group known for designing and developing electronics such as TVs, air conditioners, washing machines, small electronics, and mobile phones.

The Alcatel Mobile Phone is actually an award winning enterprise, and winner of the 2012 International Forum Design iF award for the One Touch 818 and the One Touch 355 Play units. It recently received the Good Design Award for Design Excellence for its Idol X models in 2013, as well.

The company's commitment to providing consumers with all they want and need in mobile devices is one of the fundamental reasons behind the popularity and persistent recognition of the brand. In late 2013, the proof of the broad market acceptance of Alcatel was made plain when the firm announced the production and release of its 300 millionth handset.

Current Models and Devices

The current lineup of mobile devices includes the following groups:


* Idol

* Pop

* Hero

* Fierce

Feature Phones (with touch, camera functions, music, etc.)


Of course, these model groups number in the dozens with specific network providers appearing in the names as well as different generations of the same groups (for example, the T-Mobile network name appears in many model names). Additionally, there are those generations mentioned, such as the One Touch 915, 916D, and so on.

The devices are also offered in a colorful range of styles and with a long list of features. From pocket to extra large sizes, models designed for specific usage(such as mainly apps or creativity), and special features such as 4G or dual SIM, they are meant to perform to the buyer's specific needs.

This emphasis on a feature rich experience and affordability are what keep the Alcatel brand name at the top of the consumer list. Being able to meet its goal of making it easy for consumers to access mobile technologies through simple and well designed devices is helping to steer the course. So, too, is their focus on lifestyles and end user experiences.

This massive catalog of options fits in perfectly with the company's established mission: to offer an "expanding portfolio of mobile and Internet products designed to be as individual as the people who use them." (Alcatel Mobile, 2014).

Market Size

The Alcatel brand is actually among the fastest growing of the top ten mobile phone makers. Known specifically as the ALCATEL ONE TOUCH brand, it is a line of smartphones known for their affordable pricing and yet their full array of colorful and contemporary technology.

They have also sought to persistently extend beyond the mobile phone concept. The release of a line of tablets signified this, but they have also recently tapped into the broader wireless market with their Home V102. This is a device that allows users of the Alcatel wireless devices to broadcast to home televisions in order to enjoy gaming or displays in a more appealing manner.

Alcatel has been a brand for more than twenty years. It is currently "leveraging" its experience and innovative team to create products that provide optimal mobile experiences and accessibility. Operating on the belief that this technology should be available at any price point is part of the reason for the firm's ongoing growth, but so too is their reputation as a quality supplier of mobile tech.

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