Adidas Intense Touch EDT 100ml Reviews

Adidas Intense Touch EDT 100ml
$12.99 from Perfume NZ
   5 reviews
User Reviews: 

One Star

Verdict: Frangnance last only half an hour. U all broke my trust from this website
4 years ago

Smells Great

Verdict: This smells great, but the smell only sticks for a couple hours if that. It's good if you go to the gym and then use it just for a little bit.

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5 years ago

Really nice

Verdict: I bought this and fell in love. Its great to wear at work, i've got compliments and love it loads
5 years ago
Verdict: Mediocre and generic Okay it's like this: I was in a sporting goods store and this stuff was on sale for $7.95 for 100ml. (The price tag says "Compare at $27!" yet I see you can buy it on line for under $10.

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5 years ago

another winner............

Verdict: Another excellent fragrance from Adidas.... by far the best mens designer line for the money... wish the entire product line was available in the U.S. however... it makes shopping for Adidas mens difficult
6 years ago
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