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Acer is a Taiwanese and American multinational corporation that works in the field of electronics and computer hardware. They have corporate offices in New Taipei City, Taiwan, and in Irvine, California. The company makes a variety of different types of computers including laptops and desktop PCs, servers, storage options, tablets, smartphones, and a host of different peripherals. They provide service and products to consumers, as well as to businesses and governments. The company was the fourth largest computer vendor in the world in 2013. They also happen to own the largest retail chain for computers in Taipei, which gives them an easy way to sell computers to those in the area.

The History of Acer

Acer has been in business since 1976, although they were called Multitech at the time, and their headquarters were in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. The company started off very small with just eleven employees and a small amount of capital, even at the time. They started with just $25,000. When they started, they were distributing electronic parts as the main source of their business. In addition, they were offering consulting services for microprocessors.

They created a number of microprocessors and clones of Apple machines in the beginning. Eventually they started to make IBM compatible machines, and this was when they really started to take off as a computer manufacturer. They kept the name Multitech until 1987 when they became Acer.

In the first part of the 90s, Acer went through a sales slump, and their profits suffered as a result. In those years, the market in the United States was the realm of companies such as IBM, Compaq, and HP, and it was difficult for other brands to break in and do well in the market. The company went through some restructuring and redesign during this time. One of the interesting things that they did was create a network of affiliates who worked on their own. The affiliate would develop their own pricing, promotion, and product configurations.

It was a very different way of doing business, but it seemed to work for them. In 1993, they showed a profit of $75 million, which was a record for them at the time. Overall sales jumped to more than three billion in 1994 with their actual profit being $205 million. They started to gain momentum and moved into the top ten computer manufacturers in the world.

The thing that really helped to give the brand more momentum occurred in 1995 when they moved into the consumer market. This was the perfect time to enter the market, as more and more people were starting to get home computers during the mid-90s. They introduced their first PC, and they started to delve into other areas of consumer electronics. They were putting out affordable video players, video phones, and other devices.

They found that by diversifying and offering a number of different products, they were able to reach more customers. However, there can be too much of a good thing. In 2011, they started to see profit loss again. They determined that one of the reasons for this was that they spread themselves too thin with more than 100 different SKUs for their netbook, notebook, and Chromebook devices. They decided that it would be a good idea to cut down their amount of offerings. Still, they have a wide variety of different types of products available for consumers.

What Products Does Acer Offer?

Acer provides businesses and consumers with a variety of options in terms of their electronic devices. They offer desktops, notebooks, Chromebooks, monitors, networking devices, mobile phones, projectors, servers, tablets and more. In the past, they used to offer PDAs, navigation systems, and digital cameras. These products did not prove to be as popular with consumers, so they discontinued them.

The company has operations in North America, Australia, India, Russia, and across Europe. They sell around the world, and they remain one of the most popular brands on the market today. According to Greenpeace, Acer is also one of the top computer manufacturing companies when it comes to being green based on their policies and practices, although Greenpeace said they still want the company to improve in several areas.


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