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ADATA Technology Co. Ltd. is a Taiwanese company specializing in the field of storage and memory, particularly flash memory. While they have only been in business a little more than a decade, in that time, they've made great strides in the industry, quickly becoming a popular and respected name in the field.

When Did ADATA Begin?

Founder Simon Chen started the company in Taiwan in 2001, and since its inception, the company has been striving to provide customers with high quality memory products in an effort to make managing their digital life easier. They created a range of different products over the years, with their focus being on USB drives, USB memory cards and DRAM modules. When they first started, they had a staff that consisted of just 21 people. Those people shared a common goal though. They wanted to make their company into one of the best and most respected in the industry by creating innovative products the market wanted and on which they could rely.

It did not take long at all for ADATA to become a real powerhouse in the industry. The company was able to reach more than a billion dollars in sales in less than five years, which was quite an accomplishment for any company.

Over the years, they continued to grow, but the company never lost their flexibility or their creativity. This desire to innovate helped them to keep growing through the early 2000s, and that continues to this day.

The company has always been very aware of just how important customer service is as well. They have won a number of awards for their products and for their service, including the G-MARK award from Japan, which is an award for excellence in design. They have won the National Silver Award of Excellence in Taiwan, as well as the CES Innovations Award from the United States. People around the world recognize the excellence they've brought to the field.

As mentioned, the company prides itself on the way it runs and the way it handles relations with customers as well as employees. Some of the values the company feels are highly important to their success include honesty, integrity, ingenuity, and perseverance. By 2007, they had become the third largest manufacturer of DRAM in the world, and they were the fourth largest manufacturer of Flash products.

Even though they had made some truly impressive gains in their first nine years in business, by 2010, they decided that they really wanted to do even more. It was at this point that they decided to do something of a small rebranding. They added the hummingbird to their logo and fully adopted it as a symbol and part of their corporate culture. They felt that the colorful hummingbird represented their company, and where they wanted to go, quite well. They also liked that it was a modern design and they thought it would resonate with people. Hummingbirds denote speed, and they felt it did a good job of showing that they could move swiftly when it came to meeting new technological challenges and continuing to be an innovator in the field.

The redesign of the brand and the logo has done well for the company. In 2011, they developed a number of new products including the USB bookmark, S511 solid state drive, and received the German Red Dot Award among others. Just a year later, they were the 2012 Rebrand 100 Global Award Winner. They continue to make strides and innovations in the field today, and that's helped them to become one of the leaders in the field of memory. Rebranding is a tactic that does not always work for companies, and this particular company was in a position where altering their brand was not really a necessity. They took the chance though, and it paid off for them.

ADATA Products Today

The company continues to work in the field of memory. They have a range of different memory kits and modules available for computers today, as well as a variety of memory cards. They remain a top company with new products coming to market each year. Of course, they have a number of competitors, but they are steadfast when it comes to providing their customers with the very best quality possible.


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★★★★ 1.0
24 Nov 2015
Slow or defect
I bought 2 of these at Ktech aka IMPC. One was much slower than advertised. Writing speed: 35.7 MByte/s Reading speed: 38.9 MByte/s 57.8GB in 1GB blocks The other one 'disappeared' from the USB...

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